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High demand for Manitoba sheep and heavy lambs

On February 6, 2013 the Winnipeg Livestock Auction had 177 sheep and goats delivered for the Feb. 6 sale. All categories were limited, but numbers were high enough to draw some aggressive bidding.

The higher quality of wool and hair ewes were in the price range from $0.71 to $0.85 per pound. Some lower-quality ewes created some interesting bidding, with a price range from $0.40 to $0.60 per pound. A group of 10 176-pound Dorper-cross ewes entered the arena. Similar to the last sale, there were only a few producers wanting to increase their present herds, as these Dorper-cross ewes are to be lambing in March. Each of these ewes brought $92.50.

The demand on the lighter-weight rams was indicated by the higher bidding from the buyers. A group of two 200-lb. rams, a Dorper-cross and a Rideau-cross brought $166 ($0.83 per pound).

A 205-pound Rideau-cross ram brought $172.20 ($0.84 per pound). A 280-pound Rideau-cross ram brought $170.80 ($0.61 per pound). A 270-pound Rideau-cross ram brought $162 ($0.60 per pound).

The demand for the heavyweight lambs did not follow the Ontario trend, as the Manitoba buyers maintained strong prices. The 140-pound Suffolk-cross lamb brought $142.80 ($1.02 per pound). The group of 167-pound lambs brought $140.28 ($0.84 per pound).

The market lambs slightly increased in the prices. The wool lambs dominated this classification. The price ranged from $1 to $1.06 for the lambs in the weight range from 110 to 97 pounds.

The demand for feeder lambs was lower for this sale. The hair lambs dominated this classification. The price ranged from $0.90 to $1.06 for the weight range from 85 to 91 pounds.

There were fewer lightweight lambs delivered but the demand was lower as well. So the prices of the lambs in the 70- and 75-pound range were lower than the last sale. The group of 16 70-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $81.90 ($1.17 per pound). The 75-pound Cheviot-cross lamb brought $81 ($1.08 per pound).

Three 67-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $83.75 ($1.25 per pound).

Nine 58-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $64.96 ($1.12 per pound). Then a 58-pound Dorset-cross and a Katahdin-cross lamb brought $71.92 ($1.24 per pound).


In the classification of goats there were two 60-pound Pygmy-cross does for this sale. These does brought $55 ($0.92 per pound).

The bucks dominated the goat classifications, however, there was a wide price range between the various bucks. A 140-pound Saanen-cross buck brought $92.50 ($0.66 per pound). An impressive grey Cashmere buck brought $95 ($0.73 per pound). A 100-pound Alpine-cross buck brought $145 ($1.45 per pound).

Two 25-pound Alpine-goat kids brought $35 ($1.40 per pound).

The Ontario Stockyard Report has shown that for the past couple sales, the prices for sheep and heavy lambs have dropped. However, this last sale reports the various classifications of sheep and goats have remained steady. No strong demand for new-crop lambs at this time.

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