Flood bulletin #27: May 5

Province of Manitoba media bulletin

Warnings and Advisories

  • Flood warnings are in place for all points along the Carrot River due to high flows and the potential for ice jams, and the Assiniboine River from the Shellmouth Dam to Brandon, due to high flows.
  • A flood watch is in place for:
    – the Saskatchewan River at The Pas, due to high flows and the potential for ice jams;
    – all points along the Carrot River, due to high flows and the potential for ice jams; and
    – Brereton Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.
  • A high water advisory is in place for:
    – all points along the Little Saskatchewan River, due to high flows.

The Pas and Northern Manitoba

  • The Saskatchewan, Carrot and Red Deer rivers are continuing to rise. Ice jamming is reported along the Carrot and Saskatchewan rivers.  Conditions are being monitored regularly.
  • Ice is reported to be breaking up and moving along the Saskatchewan River in The Pas region.
  • There are approximately 180 homes and a small number of hobby farms and support services protected by the provincial dike system.
  • The Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) advises that nine individuals and four homes have been evacuated from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation as a precautionary measure.
  • In the Rural Municipality (RM) of Kelsey, the Town of The Pas has provided sandbags to three homes along the Saskatchewan River.
  • The RM of Kelsey is also dealing with overland flooding issues in the communities of Wanless and in Umpherville.
  • One home is threatened near Ralls Island due to an ice jam causing water levels to rise. The RM of Kelsey has been in contact with the home owner.
  • The RM of Kelsey and the Town of The Pas continue to monitor the situation and are taking mitigation efforts as required.

Interlake and Westman

  • AANDC advises that 129 people are evacuated from the Peguis First Nation and 34 people are evacuated from the Ebb and Flow First Nation.

Assiniboine River

  • Overbank flooding of agricultural land along the Assiniboine River is occurring from Shellmouth Dam to Brandon.  Approximately 30,000 acres of agricultural land is impacted.
  • Continued high flows on the Assiniboine River and increased flows on the Red River from U.S. points will likely leave The Forks walkway under water until at least the end of May.
  • City of Brandon:
    – High water levels on the Assiniboine River have inundated the soccer pitch along First Street with water. Conditions are currently stable.
  • The water level on the Shellmouth Reservoir has increased to 1,409.4 feet; the summer target level is 1,402.5 ft. and the spillway is at 1,408.5 ft.  As the water level has exceeded the spillway elevation, flows are occurring over the spillway; spillway flows will increase or decrease as the reservoir level rises and falls.
  • Inflows to the reservoir are approximately 8,730 cubic feet per second (cfs) and outflows are at 5,780 cfs.  Outflows include 5,260 cfs of conduit flow and 520 cfs of spillway flow.
  • As of this morning, flow on the Portage Diversion is 4,060 cfs and flow on the Assiniboine River downstream of the diversion is 10,040 cfs.  The operation plan for the Portage Diversion is to hold the flows on the lower Assiniboine River to approximately 10,000 cfs.

Eastern Region

  • A flood watch has been issued for Brereton Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.
  • The lake level is high but is being regulated by operating the control structure on the lake.
  • There is potential for flooding to develop on the lake itself and downstream.  Conditions are being monitored regularly.
  • Streams in the region are stable and are within bank.
  • Nutimik Lake is rising as a result of flows from the Winnipeg River.

Emergency Response

  • Manitoba Emergency Measures is working with flood-impacted communities in northern Manitoba.
  • States of local emergency continue in the RMs of Westbourne and Hillsburg, and the towns of The Pas and Roblin.
  • The province has deployed flood-fighting and mitigation equipment strategically across the province.  Regional staff are supervising and monitoring water levels in affected areas.

Spring Safety 

People are reminded:

  • to be watchful of local waterways as flood conditions can develop quickly and ice conditions may be unsafe,
  • to avoid crossing areas with broken ice and surface water,
  • not to drive or walk through fast-moving water, and
  • to call 511 to check road conditions before travelling.

Questions or concerns about flooding or water management should be directed first to the municipal authority.  Anyone with questions about water levels, provincial waterways or provincial water control infrastructure can call 204-945-8373 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., seven days a week.

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