Food strategy consultations announced

The federal government is seeking input 
to formulate a first-of-its-kind national 
food policy

The federal government is launching consultations aimed at developing a national food policy for Canada.

Lawrence McAulay, the federal agriculture minister, announced the move early this week which includes an online survey at

The government says the food policy will cover four key areas:

  • Increasing access to affordable food;
  • Improving health and food safety;
  • Conserving soil, water and air; and
  • Growing more high-quality food.

Canada has never before had a national food policy and the Trudeau government says it reflects both the importance of food to the health and well-being of Canadians and the desire to take a broad-based and collaborative approach to addressing food-related issues in Canada.

Ottawa will play host to a food policy for Canada summit June 22-23, designed to provide a space for stakeholders, experts, and key policy-makers to share views on the development of the policy.

There will also be other consultation events in the coming months.

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