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Fall Sales Attract Huge Numbers

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The sheep and goat sale on September 1, 2011 was the beginning of two sales per month for the Winnipeg Livestock Auction. The September sale started with a big bang, as there was nearly 1,200 sheep and goats delivered for this sale.

Ewes dominated this sale, and there was no breed dominating the action. Selection was available for all buyers, sold in large groups or as single lots. Sheared ewes did not show any influence on the bidding or prices. Prices ranged from $0.65 to $0.96 per pound. However, demand for the Katahdin-cross ewes kept them in the upper portion of the price range.

The older ewes dropped below this range. Two family units (ewe with one lamb) were presented to the audience.

The selection was slightly limited, the price remained strong. The price ranged from $0.69 to $1 per pound. The Katahdin-cross ram lambs were well developed, causing major interest with the buyers. The price ranged from $1.64 to $1.74 per pound. Three 78-pound Barbado-cross lambs, brought $128.70 ($1.65 per pound).

The heavyweight lambs remained with a strong demand. The price ranged from $1.72 to $1.83, for the 111-to 120-pound lambs. The exception was a heavier lamb, one 145-pound Suffolk-cross lamb, brought $227.65 ($1.57 per pound).

The market lambs (95-to 110-pound classification) continued under strong demand/ bidding. The price ranged from $1.74 to $1.84 per pound, not influenced by large or small selling groups.

The feeder lamb prices were slightly higher than the market lambs at this sale. The bidding continued in a constant fashion, whether the feeder lambs were sold in large groups or a single animal. The price ranged from $1.75 to $1.91 per pound.

The lambs in the 70+ pound classification, represented the majority of the lightweight classification, at this sale. Lambs in the range of 72 to 79 pounds, had a price range of $1.90 to $1.74 per pound. The exception was three 73-pound Suffolkcross lambs, which brought $94.90 ($1.30 per pound).

The lighter lambs continued to receive strong interest from buyers. A 60-pound Rideau-cross lamb, brought $115.50 ($1.9250 per pound) and five 69-pound Suffolk-cross lambs, brought $129.72 ($1.88 per pound).

The 50-to 59-pound lambs, had a price range of $1.70 to $1.90 per pound.

Twenty-one 35-pound Rideau-cross lambs, brought $38.50 ($1.10 per pound).

The selection for goats was favourable for the buyers, with the available numbers, for this sale. The bidding was slightly higher for the dairy breeds.

The price ranged from $0.63 to $1.25 per pound, for the dairy goats, while the meat goats price ranged from $0.93 to $1.16 per pound. The 85-pound Pygmycross doe brought $87.50 ($1.03 per pound). A family unit (la mancha doe with a kid), drew interest from the audience and brought $155 ($1.24 per pound).

There was a large selection of bucks available compared to the last sales and there was strong bidding from buyers. The price ranged from $1.02 to $1.84 per pound. The dairy selection of bucks, represented by Alpine breed kept within the meat buck price range.

There was also strong buyer interest in the lighter weight goats, both bucklings and wethers. This strong demand continued from the last sale. Two groups of 54-pound wethers, brought $88 and $96 ($1.63 and $1.78). Also, two groups of 58-pound wethers, brought $101 and $97.50 ($1.74 and $1.68 per pound). The lower-weight wethers brought $1.44 to $1.64 per pound.

Buckl ings in the 55-to 59-pound range, brought $1.69 to $1.88 per pound. The demand on the bucklings remained strong, a slight decrease in the bidding; for the lower weights. The 40+ pound bucklings, brought a price range of $1.66 to $1.79 per pound. Two 33-pound bucklings, brought $54 ($1.64 per pound); while the 27-pound bucklings brought $33 ($1.22 per pound).

The doelings had more of a constant price range at this sale, ranging from $1.56 to $1.66 per pound in the lighter-weight goats.


$68.60 -$173.70

Lambs (lbs.)110+ $196.47 -$227.65 95 -110 $165.30 -$187.92 80 -94 $144 -$165.54Under 8072 -79 $94.90 -$143.64 60 -69 $115.50 -$129.72 50 -59 $85 -$110.92




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