Dry to December, then Alberta Clippers: AccuWeather

AccuWeather.com forecasts that following the third-warmest winter on record in Canada last year, snow and cold will make a comeback across much of the nation this winter.

In a forecast issued Oct. 17, the U.S.-based firm said slightly colder-than-normal weather with near-normal snow is predicted for most of the Prairie region, which was the warmest spot last winter.

Southern Ontario and Quebec should have a return of winter with near-normal temperatures and snow, especially during January and February.

Atlantic Canada and the Maritime provinces will be one exception to colder weather, but long-range forecasters expect major winter storms to affect the region.

The AccuWeather forecast for Saskatchewan and Manitoba said that following a very dry fall, drier-than-normal weather will persist through December. That should change during January and February as some quick-hitting storms may have an impact.

“For Regina and Winnipeg, I think we are going to see an increase in Alberta Clipper systems, especially the second half of winter, which should bring quick shots of snowfall to both those cities during that time,” senior meteorologist Brett Anderson said in the forecast.

It said that while Alberta Clipper systems are fast moving and do not have much moisture associated with them, a moderate amount of snow is predicted for this winter. Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg are expected to have near-normal snowfall this winter.



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