Double Down Down For Good (In Canada)

The Double Down, the controversial KFC creation of two breaded chicken breasts with a filling of bacon, cheese and high-calorie sauce, has been pulled from the Canadian market after less than a month.

In a release, KFC praised the success of the product, saying it had sold more than one million Double Downs in Canada, the equivalent of 140 CN Towers and 2,083 hockey rinks.

“Canada’s response to Double Down was as epic as Double Down itself,” said Dan Howe, chief marketing officer of Yum! Restaurants Canada.

“KFC Canada is stunned by Double Down’s success. To be the source of so much excitement, humour and debate has been a phenomenal experience for KFCs from coast to coast.”

No explanation was provided for the decision to discontinue the Double Down, which is still available in the U.S.

Earlier this month, the Double Down also made news when a group of Canadian cardiologists used it to warn people at risk of heart disease against consuming egg yolks. They said an egg yolk contains 215 to 275 milligrams of cholesterol, compared to 150 in a Double Down. The recommended maximum daily consumption is 200 mg.

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