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Do Not Enter


Do not enter the bin from the top or attempt to walk onto the grain.

Use a long pole or other tool to attempt to poke at the surface to break through the crust from outside the bin.

If you cannot break through the crust and must enter the bin, open the bin ports and attempt to ventilate and get fresh air into the bin but DO NOT ENTER the bin unless you have another person present, who is able to constantly monitor you and operate the retrieval system.

Wear an appropriate safety harness which is attached to an external retrieval system which is capable of supporting your weight and lifting you out should you fall or collapse.

If you have been able to remove most of the grain and are able to enter the bin from the bottom, but there is a significant amount of grain stuck to the walls of the bin, DO NOT enter the bin, as these “walls” of grain may collapse and entrap you; again, use a long pole, attempt to dislodge the grain walls from outside the bin.

Be aware of potential respiratory hazards including dust and mould and possible oxygen displacement or toxic gases.

– Source: Provincial farm safety co-ordinator

Glen Blahey, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and

Rural Initiatives



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