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Danish inspectors find pork in beef kebabs

Reuters / Danish authorities said March 26 they discovered traces of pork in some meat sold as beef for kebabs during an inspection triggered by the recent horsemeat scandal, prompting demands by the country’s Muslim community for stricter inspection.

A spokesman for the Danish veterinary and food administration said pork traces were found in beef sold by supplier Anadolu Kod.

“They told us meat was from some of their counterparts in Poland,” said Erik Jepsen, a spokesman for the Danish veterinary and food administration.

“It was part of an investigation that we made due to the horsemeat scandal. Meat from close to 100 companies was analyzed.”

The company was not immediately available for comment. On its website, Anadolu Kod describes itself as a leading producer of Doner kebab meat in Denmark and Poland.

Danish newspaper Politiken, which earlier reported the discovery, said the Danish Halal Federation was now demanding more stringent controls.

The federation called for inspections to ensure meat labelled halal comes from animals slaughtered following religious rules and does not come into contact with pork.

Europe’s horsemeat scandal erupted in January, when testing in Ireland revealed some beef products also contained equine DNA.

It has since spread across the continent, ensnaring numerous well-known brands, prompting product withdrawals, consumer concerns and government investigations into the region’s complex food-processing chains.



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