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CWB boosts wheat and malting barley initials

Prairie malting barley growers can expect to see an extra $51.90 per tonne in the next few weeks for their 2011-12 deliveries.

The barley adjustment payment, expected to flow by direct deposit on Feb. 21 and by cheques in the mail starting Feb. 24, is on the list of increased initial payments effective Feb. 9, announced by the Canadian Wheat Board.

Certain grades and classes of milling wheat will earn adjustment payments ranging from $5.05 to $27.90 per tonne, while some grades and classes of durum will earn an extra $35.20 to $45.55 per tonne.

All grades and classes of designated (malting) barley will get the additional $51.90 per tonne, boosting the total initial payment so far for Select Canada Western (CW) two-row to $281.90 per tonne ($6.14 per bushel) and for Select CW six-row to $264.90 ($5.77/bu.). Initial payments were not increased for feed barley.

In milling wheat, the top-end increase of $27.90 per tonne goes to No. 2 CW red spring (CWRS) between 13.5 and 15.5 per cent protein and No. 2 CW hard white spring (CWHWS) between 13.5 and 15.5 per cent protein. The total initials so far for No. 2 CWRS (15.5 per cent), for example, now total $255.40 per tonne ($6.95/bu.).

The lower-end increase in milling wheat, $5.05 per tonne, goes to No. 1 CWRS (13.1 per cent) and No. 1 CWHWS (13.1 per cent), for total initials of $216.95 ($5.90/bu.) per tonne on both.

Lower-protein wheats in No. 1 and No. 2 CWRS and No. 1 and No. 2 CWHWS — and all other grades and classes of milling wheat — see no increase.

The top-end increase in durum, $45.55 per tonne, goes only to No. 1 CW Amber durum (CWAD) at 15.5 per cent protein, for a total initial payment so far of $279.80 per tonne ($7.61/bu.). The lowest increase, $35.20 per tonne, is for No. 3 CWAD (13 per cent), for a total initial of $236.20 ($6.43/bu.). Nos. 4 and 5 CWAD see no increase.

Wheat or barley growers who want to defer the adjustment payments announced Friday have until Feb. 17 to notify the CWB.



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