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Harvest continues. Most of the early wheat and barley are off, with some early canola in the bin. An early frost is still a concern for the beans and corn. – Miami, Sept. 10

How quickly we forget the dreary summer we had. It has been beautiful for the last week with highs in the upper 20s and no rain. Plenty of swathing of cereals and canola in the area, with cereal combining started early in the week as well. A few dry bean fields are showing signs of ripening. Some second-cut alfalfa still being taken off. – Oakville, Sept. 5

Warm weather has arrived, although heavy dew or morning fog keeps everything damp until noon.

– Melita, Sept. 3

The winter wheat is combined. Some wheat, barley and canola have been combined. Yields are a bit above average. Most haying is completed. Pastures are showing signs of needing a rain. People are watering gardens again. – Deloraine, Sept. 3

Great harvest weather the last few days, though lots of fog in mornings. Crops are ripening up quickly. Some combining done, but haven’t been talking to anyone about yields. We haven’t done any combining yet as we are busy swathing. – Brookdale, Sept. 3

No precipitation this week! The fields are a haze of dust as farmers can finally harvest their crops.

– Cypress River, Sept. 2

That quarter inch early on Saturday morning was all we got. This little dry spell is making a huge difference.

– Balmoral, Sept. 2

No rain, humidity is dropping. Finally, summer temperatures and decent drying weather for harvest. Hopefully the warmer temperatures will help finish off some of the late-maturing oilseeds and pulses. – Morris, Sept. 2



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