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CDC Falcon shifts to general purpose class Aug. 1, 2014

CDC Falcon, Manitoba’s most popular winter wheat, will be shifted to the Canada Western General Purpose wheat class next August as long as there’s enough suitable replacement seed available.

Moats and Flourish have performed as well as CDC Falcon in trials and meet the quality standards for the Canada Western Red Winter wheat class.

There’s a lot of interest in another new winter wheat, W454, as it’s less susceptible to fusarium head blight, although trial results won’t be published until after harvest next year.

CDC Falcon has accounted for about 70 per cent of Manitoba’s winter wheat acres, largely because of its good yield and short straw. But it failed to meet the end-use standards needed to better compete against American winter wheat.

The general purpose class, which has no end-use quality standards, is aimed at serving livestock and ethanol producers.



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