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Cattle producers let loose at wildlife problems

Manitoba cattle producers took dead aim and blasted away at varmints last week.

The need to control predators and other problem wildlife was the subject of nine out of 23 resolutions debated at the Manitoba Cattle Producers Association annual meeting Dec. 10-11.

Members passed resolutions calling for:

Increased funding to hunt and trap wolves and coyotes.

Greater compensation for damage caused by beavers.

Depopulation of deer in southeast Manitoba because of bovine TB in northern Minnesota.

Beaver removal programs.

Kill permits for problem wildlife not included in current wildlife management programs.

Higher compensation fees under the province’s beaver removal program.

Expanded elk hunting zones.

A provincial gopher control program.

The meeting defeated a resolution calling for the reintroduction of cyanide guns to control predators.

The discussion about predator and wildlife control was so prevalent that some producers warned about creating the impression that cattle producers are against any species on four legs other than cattle.

Jay Fox of Eddystone warned about giving the industry an image problem.



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