Canadian Renewable Energy Association set to form

Move promises new national voice for the wind, solar and energy storage industries

Canadian Renewable Energy Association set to form

Two of Canada’s leading green energy organizations are merging to form a single association.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) and the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) are set to become Canadian Renewable Energy Association, effective July 1. The new group will be headed by Robert Hornung, the long-standing president of CanWEA.

As the founding president and CEO of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, Hornung will lead the member-based association in stakeholder advocacy and public engagement focused on ensuring that renewable energy and energy storage play a central role in transforming Canada’s energy mix during this period of historical global transformation, the new group said in a release.

The corporate office will be in Ottawa, giving the group ready access to policy-makers, augmented by regional presence in jurisdictions across the country.

The association will “work to create conditions for a modern energy system that makes significant and positive contributions to Canada’s economy and clean energy future,” the release read.

Wind and solar generation have a combined grid-connected installed capacity of more than 16,500 megawatts (MW) in Canada. Recent power purchase contracts have confirmed that wind and solar energy are cost competitive with conventional generation, with wind now being the lowest-cost source of new electricity generation in Canada.

There is also rapid deployment of these technologies at both residential and commercial scales in Canada. Solar PV has been deployed in every province and territory across Canada.

Diverse energy storage projects are playing a growing role in maximizing the contributions of clean generation to grid flexibility and reliability.

Bloomberg NEF has forecasted global investment of US$5.3 trillion in wind power generation assets, US$4.2 trillion in solar power generation assets, and US$843 billion in batteries in the period 2018-50. It further forecasts that wind and solar will supply almost 50 per cent of the world’s electricity by 2050.

CanWEA and CanSIA currently share head office space in Ottawa and have a long history of collaboration on matters of mutual interest.

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