Canadian Ag Day coming next year

Agriculture More Than Ever is gearing up to establish a nationwide celebration 
of the Canadian agriculture industry

Mark your calendars for February 16, Canada’s first national Agriculture Day.

Ag More Than Ever is teaming up with Farm and Food Care Canada and Agriculture in the Classroom to initiate a day of celebration for the Canadian agriculture industry.

On February 16, 2017, producers and industry members will be encouraged to celebrate their role in the business of agriculture.

Plans for the event were announced on June 1 at the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity Public Trust Summit in Ottawa.

The theme of the day is ‘Let’s celebrate the food we love,’ and organizers hope industry members will do just that in whatever way they see fit.

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“There won’t be one big event. Our intention behind this is to highlight the day and spark a whole bunch of activity and different events from coast to coast,” said Candace Hill, manager of Ag More Than Ever.

By generating numerous events across the country, organizers hope to tell accurate and local stories of Canadian agriculture in order to draw a closer connection between our food, the people who make it and the consumers who buy it.

Industry partners

Ag More Than Ever plans to engage its 470 industry partners to kick-start celebration plans in communities throughout the country.

“Essentially with Ag More Than Ever, we have nearly 500 ag industry partners who have made a formal commitment to showcase their pride in the industry in a variety of ways,” Hill said. “In addition we have about 2,200 individuals who have also made a commitment and signed up to be Agvocates. So, it is an opportunity for those people as well as everyone across the industry to speak up and speak positively about Canadian agriculture.”

The event will have no constraints on participation and organizers hope participants will take the concept and run with whatever idea they feel is the best way to celebrate.

“We are hoping to have a significant impact but in order to achieve that we will need individuals and groups throughout the entire industry to participate on that day. That is why essentially we are leaving it open as far as how they want to celebrate. We are hoping participants take ownership and make it their own, displaying their sense of pride and passion however they would like,” Hill said.


Ag More Than Ever has offered up a few suggested activities such as, sharing stories, pictures and videos of your farm, hosting an Ag Day meal in your community, speaking at a school or organizing a Canadian food appreciation day at your business.

Organizers plan to connect the nationwide event through social media, with the Twitter hashtag: #CdnAgDay, as well as an event-specific website.

“We encourage people to utilize that hashtag within their communications and updates as to what they are doing, on and before the event day,” Hill said. “We have also created the Ag More Than Ever Facebook event page that people can visit, share what they are doing, spark conversations and discuss ideas.”

Hill is hopeful the event may become an annual event.

“Of course, we would love to continue to make it an annual event but we will have to wait and see how the industry embraces the concept.”

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