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Buzzing and booming at Ag Days

Flying forklifts and the new ‘zoom boom’ make the show work

Chances are high that if you are prepping or setting up your exhibit for Manitoba Ag Days 2020, you will eventually come to a forklift in the road.

With nine of the hard-working machines and their skilful operators buzzing all over the Keystone Centre to lift, stack and position more than 822 exhibits, chances are pretty high actually. And this year, keep an eye out for the zoom boom too.

“This is the first year we have supported our forklifts with a zoom boom,” said Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days general manager. “We have done this for overall safety while increasing the efficiency of our crew. With bigger and larger equipment to be displayed comes a need for us to adapt to the times. A zoom boom has a greater ability to turn a machine to place it into position inside the show so we are very excited to bring it into our lineup.”

According to industry websites, the zoom boom — or telehandler as known by the official industrial name — has a horizontal boom, giving it a mobile crane look. The telehandler boom has the ability to lift a load from horizontal to about an angle of 70 degrees.

As well, the boom can be extended or retracted depending on the model. Forklifts go up and down, telehandlers go up and down, side to side and forward and backward with load-carrying motions.

Another forklift fact that Phillips shares is that four of the forklifts will actually be using specialized metal lift adapters developed by former Manitoba Ag Days general manager Jonothon Roskos’ business Steelworks 501.

Since leaving Manitoba Ag Days five years ago, Roskos has been growing and building his business and, by all accounts, is doing very well. Phillips says worker and patron safety is paramount at Manitoba Ag Days and Roskos developed the product specifically with the hectic pace and safety needs of Manitoba Ag Days in mind.

Roskos had the background knowledge from the behind-the-scenes activities at previous shows which allowed him to adapt the units specifically to Manitoba Ag Days’ needs.

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