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Bin Sensors


Probes are inserted through bin walls and sensors to detect fill levels in a bin, tank, silo or other container. Display units outside the bins allow you to read the fill level from the outside, and the stainless steel probes come in a variety of lengths up to 68 inches (or up to 33 feet with a stainless steel wire probe).

The Auto-Set MK7 Point Level Probe, from 4B Elevator Components Ltd. (, has an optional, auto-set remote. A remote transducer is mounted close on the probe, and a din rail-mounted remote control communicates with the transducer (maximum distance 650 feet).

The BinMAX Bin Full Alert system, from Agritronics (, consists of a transmitter and two sensors that are mounted on the bin, and a wireless pager carried by the user. The sensors detect grain levels inside the bin and then the transmitter tells the pager to beep, flash and vibrate, to notify the user. The wireless pager has a range of up to 100 yards, and is powered by a nine-volt battery.


Auto-Set MK7 Point level probe.

RLIs have rotary paddles

that turn when solid material is being added to a bin, tank or silo. When the bin is full, the paddle stops rotating and sends an alert to the display outside of the bin. RLIs can be installed through the top or the side of bins, and their features can vary greatly.

Advanced models like the MAXIMA+ from BinMaster ( come with fail-safe systems to alert users to power losses, motor or electronic failures, have LED indicator lights, and helps reduce energy costs by automatically cutting power to the motor once bins are full. The RLI Shaker (also from 4B Elevator Components Ltd.) is designed to shake and shift its paddles to prevent excess material buildup, and uses fewer mechanical parts than some of its competitors (no gearbox or clutch is required with this model).


The LevALERT, from Camrose, Alberta-based Lockhart Industries (, is installed through a 1-1/8-inch hole at any point in the side of a bin. A rubber activator rests on the inside of the bin, and as the grain level inside pushes against the activator, the indicator panel on the outside of the bin turns from black to bright yellow, and is visible from up to 200 feet away. The LevALERT is completely mechanical and doesn’t require an electrical source. For those who do have electrical access at their storage site, an optional electrical sensor is also available, which also allows you to incorporate add-ons like indicator horns and lights.


The ChuteMax product, available from Farmtronics (, regulates grain flow when filling grain bins and seeder tanks. The remote is wireless, allows for one-person operation, and lets you open and close grain chutes and stop spills or overflowing bins without having to climb bin ladders.

photo from binmaster



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