Australian Firm Adds Okra To Build A Better Burger

An Australia-listed company said Nov. 8 it plans to make burgers, chips and other items sold by the country s leading locally owned fast-food operator up to 40 per cent healthier, using the humble okra vegetable and other natural ingredients.

Holista Colltech will develop and use the proprietary ingredients for an exclusive period of two years in Australia, said Holista CEO Rajen Marnickavasagar.

We are the only company to have a full solution to the four Ss: salt, sugar, starch and saturated fats, he said.

Global obesity has doubled since 1980, the World Health Organization says, mainly because of increasing

consumption regarded as safe, by the U.S. Food and Drug

Administration, Rajen said. There will be no difference in taste, he said.

Rajen said simply trying to convince people to eat better doesn t work.

I tried to change people, but I can t, he said. I am now saying, eat the way you want, but we can make it healthier.

of foods high in fat, salt and sugars. It is the fifth-leading cause of death.

Two companies will develop Holista s patented low-sodium salt, low-fat chips and low glycemic index flour, which can help reduce the four Ss in the chain s foods by about 40 per cent, Rajen said.

These products use dried and powdered okra, lentils and other natural ingredients that have been certified GRAS, or generally

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