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Arysta launches broadleaf/grass/burndown combo

Arysta LifeScience has launched Inferno Duo Herbicide for spring wheat growers in Canada. Arysta says it combines the enhanced broadleaf activity of tribenuron (the same active ingredient in Express SG) with broadleaf and longer-lasting soil activity on grasses of flucarbazone. Inferno Duo also provides wide-spectrum burndown when mixed with glyphosate.

“Together with glyphosate, Inferno Duo will get tough weeds like dandelion, hawk’s beard, foxtail barley and Roundup Ready canola while adding extended control of wild oats and green foxtail,” Arysta’s Craig Brekkas said in a release.

Inferno Duo can be applied up to one week prior to planting, or immediately after planting prior to crop emergence in spring wheat (excluding durum wheat). It is rainfast in one hour.

Arysta says not to apply more than 15 g/ha of flucarbazone sodium herbicide, the equivalent of one application, or 31.5 g/ha of Inferno Duo pre-plant or post-plant pre-emergence per growing season.



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