Ag More Than Ever trumpets farming opportunities and optimism

The Ag More Than Ever booth will feature “ag swag,” including aprons, tuques, caps, T-shirts, and bale and bin wraps.

FCC surveys have found 80 per cent of farmers expect to be better off in five years but urban residents often have a negative view

Ag More Than Ever will have its own booth at this year’s Ag Days and it will be manned in part by volunteer representatives drawn from its 240 industry partners, which include farms; associations and groups; private- and public-sector organizations and companies; and media and trade shows and events.

“Ag More Than Ever is an industry-driven cause,” says Lyndon Carlson, senior vice-president of marketing with Farm Credit Canada. “We’re here to tell the real story of agriculture, about a proud past and a promising future; to get the story out and talk positively about our industry.”

Attendees will have a chance to pick up some “ag swag,” including aprons, tuques, caps, T-shirts, and bale and bin wraps with the Ag More Than Ever logo. They can also pose with a talk bubble for an ag-friendly picture that can be posted to the Ag More Than Ever Facebook page.

Ag More Than Ever is a movement that grew from the recognition of a need to promote the positive side of agriculture and highlight both opportunities and optimism within the industry.

Farm Credit Canada’s recent surveys of Canadian farmers found a lot of optimism — with 80 per cent of respondents saying they thought their farm would be better off in five years. However, urbanites have an entirely different perception, and used negative words such as struggling and underappreciated.

It was time to change the message that people seemed to be getting about agriculture, says Carlson.

“We thought if we could get people to come on board and share their positive stories about Canadian agriculture, we could change the dialogue and talk about all the opportunities and how good our producers are at what they do,” he says.

Since its inception in 2011, Ag More Than Ever has done a terrific job of promoting the positive stories of agriculture across Canada, both through its website, its partners and at events such as Ag Days, as well as promoting agriculture as a great career option to young people, he says.

“We know that there are challenges that producers face every year, but at the same time there is nothing that they would rather do,” says Carlson. “They love agriculture, they are passionate about their choice and they love producing the world’s safest food supply.”

As the T-shirt says: “I ♥ Canadian Ag.”

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