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Ag Days shares with Manitoba’s agriculture community

The Ag Days Gives Back program has returned more than $300,000 to community groups in the past several years

Manitobans love a good 50/50 draw, and Ag Days participants are no exception. In 2018 the winner took home $11,250 for the price of a $10 ticket.

But the big winner wasn’t the lucky ticket holder, it was the community groups that benefited from the Ag Days Gives Back community giving program which was the beneficiary of the draw.

It all started back in the fall of 2015 when Manitoba Ag Days announced the “Ag Days Gives Back” community giving program. One hundred per cent of the 50/50 funds raised at the show, which runs from January 22 until 24 at Brandon’s Keystone Centre, will go back to the ag organizations and communities where exhibitors and patrons live.

“We want to give back some of the show’s success to those exhibitors, patrons and communities which contribute to the show’s success,” says Kristen Phillips, Manitoba Ag Days general manager. “To date over $130,000 has been given back through the Manitoba Ag Days Gives Back fund to deserving communities and organizations across Manitoba.” Manitoba Ag Days was already giving back funds before the 50/50 community giving program was created, with over $300,000 having been given back since inception.

Tickets can be purchased at the top of the ramp and are three for $10. This year’s draw has a special focus and a special request for attendees.

“This year we are supporting a special young man in our ag community, who knows first hand what a metal BBQ bristle can do if it gets lodged in your throat,” says Phillips. “We never want to see this happen to anyone again. We are encouraging everyone to throw away their BBQ scrapers that have bristles and come and purchase a 50/50 ticket at the show and we will give you a wooden BBQ scraper, while supplies last.”

Manitoba Ag Days Gives Back will announce this year’s recipients on Tuesday, January 22 at 1 p.m. in the FCC Theatre.

Manitoba Ag Days Gives Back 2018 recipients were:

  • Community Improvement — Edwards Sports Centre $2,000;
  • Community Improvement — Heartland Recreation Commission $3,000;
  • Community Improvement — agriculture and heritage, Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies $5,000;
  • Community Improvement — safety and emergency services, The Farm Safety Foundation $5,000;
  • Education and Leadership — agricultural youth education, Agriculture in the Classroom $8,000;
  • Education and Leadership — ACC Diploma Scholarship $3,000;
  • ACC Diploma Scholarship — Braiden Setter-Shwaluk $1,000;
  • U of M Degree Scholarship — Kate Green $1,000;
  • U of M Diploma Scholarship — Renate Jochum $1,000.

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