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A – for Feb. 5, 2009

An identifying caption was not included with the photo of a sunflower bud moth larva, shown here and in the article “ Sunflowers average in 2008” (Co- operator, Jan. 15, page15)

Regulations under the Canada Transportation Act require railway earnings that exceed the statutory revenue cap on grain freight must be turned over to the Western Grains Research Foundation. Incorrect information appeared in a story Jan. 29 (“ Farmers split over revenue capexcess,” page 2) about farmers being split over whether the money should go to the WGRF or back to farmers.

The University of Minnesota greenhouse studies referred to in the article “ Crops can absorb livestock antibiotics”( Co- operator, Jan. 22, page12)were done with fresh hog manure only, not fresh and composted hog and turkey manure. A further study currently underway does include both fresh and composted hog and turkey manure.

Total grain and fertilizer freight revenue for CN’s fourth quarter ending Dec. 31 was $ 381 million, an increase ofjust nine per cent over the year- earlier period, not 23 percent as reported Jan. 29 (“ Grain revenue helps CN’s Q4,”page 3). However, CN’s Q4 grain and fertilizer revenue per carload did increase by 23 per cent, to $ 2,664.

Adolf Vaags, not AnthonyVaags, is the owner and developer of the Dynamic Ditcher, featured as runner- up in Manitoba Ag Days’Inventor’s Showcase (“ Auger- Steer wins Inventor’s Showcase,”Co-operator, Jan. 29, page 15).EU may hand out farm



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