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4-H Reports – for Feb. 19, 2009

The Co-operator will publish 4-H reports once a month. Reports can be submitted by the third week of the month by e-mail to [email protected],by regular mail to 4-H Reports, c/o Manitoba Co-operator, 1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3H 0H1 or by fax to 204-954-1422.


The club held its monthly meeting Jan. 4 at the Oak Lake Curling Rink at 7 p. m. The interclub bonspiel was set for Jan. 17, also at the Oak Lake Curling Club. Terri Wallace volunteered to get the top three prizes for the bonspiel. The interclub speeches were tentatively set for Feb. 5 at Oak Lake School.

Terri Wallace purchased a digital camera for the club and brought it to the meeting.

The club parents agreed to work a wedding function this coming summer.

The 4-HWheat Kings game will be Feb. 28. Host families are needed for Japanese students this summer, if anyone is interested; the deadline is March 1.

Also, the southwest 4-H council is offering a cash scholarship for any member over 16 years.

– Natalie Bailey


The club met at Gladstone on Nov. 14. We worked on our project books and finished the evening playing horse computer games. This was a lot of fun and we learned some interesting things.

On Dec. 14 we went to Murray and Linda McCaskill’s place, Dead Lake Ranch, and toured their PMU barn. They were great hosts and gave each of us a packet to take home. Then we went to Ken and Nancy Lewis’s for Chinese food and games.

Our January meeting was held at Gladstone on the 16th. After the meeting we went to Gladstone Vet Clinic and Dr. Tanya Anderson showed us different grains and hays and things she uses to work on horses. We also got to see X-rays of horses’ feet that showed the damage that’s done when a horse founders.

– Kara Ferguson



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