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A small sale yields favourable results

Limited animals on offer translated into plenty of buyer interest

The Mar. 1 sheep and goat sale saw just 100 animals — including just three goats — arrive at Winnipeg Livestock Auction.

This extremely limited number of animals meant significant buyer interest in what was available and a peaceful sale atmosphere that mirrored the late-winter day outside.

In the ewe class only wool animals were represented. Average price ranged from $1.11 to $1.12 a pound. However, two 118-pound Dorset-cross ewes brought $1.18 per pound. Three 228-pound Suffolk-cross ewes brought $0.91 per pound.

The wool rams also represented the ram classification in this sale. The prices ranged based upon the weight of the rams, as the lightweight rams were more of interest. Rams weighing 157 and 175 pounds brought $1.14 and $1.10 per pound. At the same time much heavier rams, such as a 285-pound Rideau-cross ram, brought $0.71 per pound. The selection of rams was much larger for this sale.

A 130-pound Rideau-cross lamb represented the heavyweight classification at this sale, bringing $0.80 per pound.

A group of sixteen 102-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $1.88 per pound. This group of market lambs sparked some major interest from the buyers. Two 105-pound Dorset-cross lambs brought $1.08 per pound.

The selection of feeder lambs was limited as well, and also saw only wool lambs. Eighteen 85-pound wool lambs brought $2.13 per pound. Five 91-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $2.01 per pound.

The lightweight lambs dominated the auction although there was not a large number of lambs. A group of 14 73-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $2.17 per pound. Ten 72-pound wool lambs brought $1.74 per pound.

Two 63-pound wool lambs brought $2 per pound. They were Babydoll-cross lambs and showed some developmental disorder.

The two goat doelings were a 50 per cent Nubian and 50 per cent Boer-cross blend. They had the true Nubian features with the long Roman nose present, but their bodies were shorter, with the weight and growth development better representing their Boer-cross lineage.

An 80-pound Boer-cross buck was wild and energetic upon entering the areas, demonstrating he would be a lively addition to any herd.

The Ontario Stockyard Report also indicated that auction saw much lower numbers of sheep and goats than are normally presented. Under these conditions, the bidding was strong but not as wild as could have been expected, as buyers were not yet pressured by any looming holiday season.

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