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Low selection in all sheep categories

There were only 200 sheep and goats delivered to the Feb. 17 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction

The selection of ewes was dominated by wool ewes. However, the hair ewes attracted similar prices. The weight of the ewes ranged from 139 to 227 pounds with a price ranging from $1.03 to $1.113 per pound.

The bidding on rams followed no pattern. Buyers were looking for some particular item with the various rams. The bidding price ranged from $0.88 to $1.11 per pound.

Prices for heavyweight lambs have slightly increased from the last sale. Four 125-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $1.42 per pound. Six 111-pound lambs brought $1.48 per pound.

The bidding was slightly lower on market lambs. The bidding prices ranged from $137 to $1.50 per pound. A group of nine 95-pound Dorset-cross lambs brought $1.60 per pound.

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The bidding on the feeder lambs remained strong and held full interest by the buyers. The price bidding ranged from $1.80 to $1.89 per pound. An exception was two 85-pound lambs which brought $2.04 per pound.

The lightweight lambs continued the strong bidding; even those lambs not reaching the feeder classification. Two 75-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $1.90 per pound. Eighteen 74-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $2.06 per pound.

Four 65-pound lambs brought $2.04 per pound. Four 63-pound lambs brought $2 per pound.

A 45-pound lamb brought $1.625 per pound. Any lower-weight lambs were considered as risk and the bidding was much lower.

The selection for goats was very limited. Two 133-pound Boer-cross goat does brought $154 ($1.16 per pound). No goat bucks were supplied. Six 97-pound Boer-cross wethers brought $198 ($2.04 per pound).

Six 77-pound Boer-cross goat wethers brought $160 ($2.08 per pound). A 30-pound Alpine-cross goat kid brought $30 ($1 per pound).

The Ontario Stockyard Report is showing some unstable bidding. Lamb prices are dropping and the goats are not remaining as constant as in previous months. Even the new-crop lambs are affected, as the bidding is only strong for the “perfect” new-crop lamb weight. Lambs that are lower or heavier than this weight are receiving lower price bidding.

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