Shortage of feed brings lambs to market

The Grunthal sale Oct. 14 appeared to be a continuation from the Winnipeg auction Oct. 2 with similar prices for the sheep and goats. Lamb prices were slightly down, with a range of $1 to $1.02, although a couple groups reached $1.09 per pound. Most of the ewes on offer were going for meat. Within the goat industry, the bucks were lighter, averaging 50 to 80 pounds, giving a range from $0.92 to $1.50 per pound. The occasional Boer X buck (160 pounds) entered the arena, causing major bidding; reaching $200 ($1.25 per pound). Some producers were attempting to find the new fall buck breeding market, while other producers were looking for new breeding bucks for their herds. The young doelings were the highlight of the day as producers were showing major attention to these goats as a means to increase the herd and get those late-spring or early-summer kids. The doelings were ranging in price, $1.53 to $2.11 per pound. The nannies remained below the dollar. Pygmy goats were still showing a steady level, but below the $1-per-pound price.

At the Winnipeg auction Oct. 16, if the lambs being sold were any indication, producers were taking the animals off the pastures. The feeder lambs, 60 to 70 pounds represented 84 per cent of the sale. Possibly some of these lambs would have been kept and fed in the yards, but with limited hay supplies in various areas of the province – the lambs were being sold. Only a few heavyweight lambs (> 100 pounds); were sold at $0.98 per pound. There were a few lightweight lambs sold, separately ranging 35 to 58 pounds with ($0.56 to $0.98 per pound) price.

Heavy ewes varied in weight, 125 to 220 pounds, creating a larger range. However, prices remained steady at ($0.34 -$0.39). A group of Suffolk X ewes (113 pounds)brought $0.60 per pound as replacement ewes. The bidding for rams remained steady, 175 to 205 pounds ($0.40 -$0.45 per pound). A few horned rams, possibly some Jacob X became the highlight of the sale. Three rams 102 pounds reached $0.80 per pound and a single ram 115 pounds hit $0.67 per pound.

A good supply of goat wethers were at the Winnipeg auction Oct. 16, 2008, averaging $1.31 per pound. But there was a very limited number of bucks at this sale. A Boer X (70 pounds) brought $115 ($1.64 per pound) and two Alpine x Boer bucks (65 pounds) produced $87.50 ($1.35 per pound). Upon viewing the Ontario Stockyard weekly report, these lighter bucks would have followed into the kid weight class (50 to 75 pounds) however, within the price range $65 to $100 ($1.30 to $1.33 per pound).

The young bucklings made approximately one-third of the Winnipeg sale. They ranged from 55 to 67 pounds ($1.25 to $1.55 per pound); comparable to the Ontario Stockyard prices for the week. However, the lighter goat kids (35 to 49 pounds) were much higher from the Ontario Stockyard report; $50 to $80 ($1.43 to $1.63 per pound).

The mature does were slightly lower than the last auction, dropping to $0.88 per pound. The pygmy goats dropped as well, $0.84 per pound.

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