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Prices follow Ontario trends

Producers provided 350 sheep and goats to the Winnipeg Livestock Auction Jan. 23. The bidding from the buyers was strong and heated, compared to the freezing cold temperature outside. The Manitoba market followed the Ontario market trend in prices on the lambs.

Wool ewes dominated ewes on offer at this sale. The price ranged from $0.69 to $0.80 per pound. Bids on hair ewes brought $0.66 per pound. There was a higher demand for a group of open Rideau-cross ewes, which brought $0.85 per pound. However, there appeared to be less interest by the buyers for a group of 10 pregnant Dorper-cross ewes due to lamb in March. They fetched $92. Limited producers wanted to increase their present herd with this group of ewes.

The well-structured 240-pound-frame Dorper-cross ram brought $168 ($0.70 per pound). The trend for this sale was the heavyweight rams produced lower prices compared to lighter rams. The weight ranged from 158 to 205 pounds, ranging in price from $0.82 to $0.66 per pound.

The heavyweight classification was represented by one 140-pound Suffolk-cross lamb which brought $133 ($0.95 per pound).

There was a strong presence of market lambs delivered for this sale. There were more wool lambs on offer but prices were no different than for the hair lambs. Weights ranged from 94 to 107 pounds, with a price ranging from $94.05 to $109.14, showing a range of $0.99 to $1.05 per pound.

The bidding on the feeder lambs was stronger than the market lambs, but still lower from the last sale. The weight of the feeder lambs ranged from 83 to 88 pounds, ranging in price from $97.11 to $101.20 ($1.15 to $1.19 per pound).

The demand for the lightweight lambs remained similar to the last sale and the last sale of 2012, based upon the bidding from the buyers. Once again, there was a good selection of these lighter lambs. Three 72-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $87.12 ($1.21 per pound). There were two groups of 75-pound lambs.

One Suffolk-cross lamb brought $89.25 ($1.19 per pound), and the other group of 42 mixed lambs brought $92.25 ($1.23 per pound).

Two 53-pound lambs brought $59.36 ($1.12 per pound). Twenty-five 56-pound lambs brought $62.72 ($1.12 per pound).


Two 98-pound Boer-cross does brought $90 ($0.92 per pound). A group of five Boer-cross does and one La Mancha-cross doe with a weight of 106 pounds brought $88 ($0.83 per pound). The bidding on a group of seven pygmy-cross does was not as strong from the buyers as the producer had wanted and they didn’t change owners.

There were no mature bucks delivered to this sale.

Six 89-pound Boer-cross wethers brought $100 ($1.12 per pound). One 85-pound Boer-cross goat brought $102.50 ($1.21 per pound).

Two 70-pound goats brought $80 ($1.14 per pound).

Three 63-pound Boer-cross bucklings brought $70 ($1.11 per pound). Eight 63-pound goat kids brought $80 ($1.27 per pound). Nine 64-pound goat kids brought $80 ($1.25 per pound).

Five 59-pound Boer-cross goat wethers brought $68 ($1.28 per pound). A group of 41 59-pound Boer-cross goat kids brought $70 ($1.19 per pound). Five 54-pound Boer-cross goat kids brought $68 ($1.26 per pound).

A group of Boer-cross and Alpine-cross goat kids brought $73 ($1.26 per pound).

Ten 45-pound Boer-cross goat kids brought $55 ($1.22 per pound). Three 43-pound Boer-cross goat kids brought $54 ($1.26 per pound).

The Ontario Stockyard Report indicated that all classes of sheep, lambs and goats sold at a steady price. However, the prices had been dropping over the past few sales. The new-crop lambs showed limited demand at this sale, thus lower price bidding from the buyers.

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