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No fireworks at first sheep and goat auction

It was a quiet and steady parade of animals at the first outing of the new year

No fireworks at first sheep and goat auction

It wasn’t the rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air at the first sheep and goat sale of the year at Winnipeg Livestock Auction on Jan. 10.

With the holiday season behind it, the market saw little buyer excitement and just 62 animals come and go from the sales arena.

During the sheep sale wool and hair ewes earned similar prices and the prices that were paid were very close to the last sale of 2017. Most of the bidding came in at the $1.07/lb. mark, with the lowest bids for ewes at $1.02/lb.

In rams, a 180-pound Suffolk ram represented the class, bringing $203.40 ($1.13/lb.).

Three 147-pound Suffolk lambs brought $233.73 ($1.59/lb.).

The market lamb class was represented by a 95-pound Dorper-cross lamb, which brought $1.91/lb. and a 95-pound Rideau-cross lamb which brought $1.92/lb.

Thirteen 91-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $171.99 ($1.89/lb.).

It was in the lightweight lambs that the price parallel with the last sale was most apparent.

A group of 16 79-pound lambs and a group of six 77-pound lambs brought $2.16/lb.

Nine 69-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $135.93 ($1.97/lb.).

Turning to the goat sale, none of the animals on offer was able to capture the attention of buyers and garner prices similar to pre-Christmas. However, the quality of some of these animals was also noticeably lower, which probably played a role.

Even goat kids didn’t see any exciting bidding, common through most of 2017.

The 12 80-pound Boer-cross goat kids presented were of quality and showed uniform structure.

Two 68-pound Boer-cross goat kids brought $1.49/lb. A 45-pound Pygmy-cross goat kid brought $1.56/lb. A 43-pound Alpine-cross goat kid and a 43-pound Pygmy-cross goat kid both brought $1.51/lb.

The Ontario Stockyard Report indicated that all lambs sold for slightly higher, except the lightweight lambs which could not maintain this level. Quality sheep created some interest with the buyers. The interest and demand for goats was not as high as the last few sales in 2017.

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