U.S. Cash Grains-Soy bids ease as dealers roll, corn firm on slow sales

June 4 (Reuters) – Soybean spot basis bids were lower at U.S. Midwest processors and river terminals on Wednesday as reduced demand from crushers and exporters weighed on bids following a spike in farmer sales late last month, dealers said.

* Processors were rolling bids to Chicago Board of Trade August futures from July futures. In nearly each case, the dealers took less than the roughly 70-cent spread between the contracts, in effect reducing their flat-price bid.

* At a closely tracked crushing plant in Decatur, Illinois, dealers took only 55 cents of the spread while two processors in Indiana took 50 cents of the spread.

* At two terminals along the Mississippi River, soy buyers who were still bidding against July futures reduced their basis by 6 cents per bushel, reflecting limited exporter demand and imports of Brazilian beans into the United States.

* Corn spot basis bids were mostly steady to higher at interior processors, elevators and ethanol plants as the lowest futures in 3-1/2 months kept farmer offerings of the grain to a minimum. Bids weakened at some river terminals.

* Soft red winter wheat bids declined by 5 cents per bushel at an elevator in southern Ohio, but the basis could rebound soon amid increasing exporter interest, a dealer there said.

Basis values are quoted against CBOT futures in cts/bu:
                    CORN                   SOYBEANS             
 CINCINNATI OH        +2   +  N  UP 12         +95  +  Q   NC
 BURNS HARBOR IN     -12   +  N  UP 1          +15  +  N   DN 15
 DECATUR IN          -15   +  N  UP 5                           
 DES MOINES IA                                 UNQ         UNC
 LINCOLN NE          -13   +  N  UNC                       
                    CORN                   SOYBEANS             
 DECATUR IL          +18   +  N  UNC           +95  +  Q   NC
 DECATUR IN                                   +115  +  Q   NC
 MORRISTOWN IN                                +115  +  Q   NC
 LAFAYETTE IN                                 +115  +  Q   UNC
 CEDAR RAPIDS IA     +25   +  N  UNC           +75  +  Q   UNC
 COUNCIL BLUFFS IA                             +62  +  Q   NC
 LINCOLN NE                                    +62  +  Q   NC
 BLAIR NE             -1   +  N  UNC                            
 RIVER TERMINALS                                                
                    CORN                   SOYBEANS             
TOLEDO OH -13 + N UNC +30 + N UNC SENECA IL +4 + N UNC +15 + N UNC SAVANNA IL +0 + N DN 1 +0 + N DN 6 DAVENPORT IA +7 + N DN 3 +1 + N DN 6 ETHANOL PLANTS LINDEN IN +0 + N UP 2 UNION CITY IN +12 + N UNC ANNAWAN IL +9 + N DN 3 COUNCIL BLUFFS IA -3 + N UNC SRW WHEAT TOLEDO OH -3 + N UNC CINCINNATI OH -15 + N DN 5 DECATUR IN -15 + N UNC BURNS HARBOR IN -20 + N UNC NOTES: 0 = Option price, UNC = Unchanged, UNQ = Unquoted, NC = Not comparable, DP = Delayed Price, N = July, Q = August --------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: For U.S. forward basis spreadsheets, please double-click on: - CBOT corn report - CBOT soybean report - CBOT wheat report - U.S. grain barge freight values - U.S. Midwest cash grain PM - U.S. CIF Gulf Grain - U.S. FOB Gulf Grain (Reporting by Michael Hirtzer in Chicago; Editing by Leslie Adler)

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