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CWB producer contracts change

CWB is advising Prairie farmers that important changes have been made to CWB permit and contract processes for the 2012-13 crop year. These changes have been made to streamline CWB processes for the new marketing environment and align with new IT system requirements.

  • Landlords and interested parties who share in a producer’s returns can no longer be included in the same contract that is signed by the actual producer. Separate contracts must now be signed for each landlord and interested party sharing in the actual producer’s returns.
  • CWB producer ID numbers (currently 10 digits long) will become eight-digit CWB “customer numbers” for 2012-13. For existing producer ID numbers, the new customer number will be the same as before, minus the two-digit prefix (e.g. 00- or 01-). This change will be seamless and require no action on the part of the producer.
  •  A CWB delivery permit is no longer required in the new marketing environment, as of 2012-13. Producers with existing CWB customer (producer ID) numbers are not required to renew. New producers can call CWB at 1-800-275-4292 to be assigned a CWB customer number.

As of June 18, 2012, any cancellations of previously issued cash tickets will not be permitted, unless completed within 15 calendar days from the date of issue.

This also applies to replacement cash tickets that change the class, grade and/or protein on previously issued cash tickets. Any protein changes made within this window must be no more than 0.5 per cent from the original protein reported. These provisions apply for the remainder of the crop year.

Effective August 1, 2012, CWB will no longer issue export licences for shipments of wheat, durum and barley (including products) leaving Canada. This change is a result of legislation passed by the federal government in December 2011 that significantly changed the mandate of CWB.

With the passage of the Canadian Wheat Board (Interim Operations) Act, all types of export licences currently managed by the CWB, including special licences issued on an annual basis and individual licences issued on an ad hoc basis, will no longer be issued by CWB.

All special licences issued by CWB on an annual basis will automatically expire on July 31, 2012. For the current crop year, individual export licences will continue to be issued by CWB up to and including July 31, 2012. Exporters will need to apply through CWB for an export licence until that date.

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