Argentine Wheat And Corn Benefit From Rains

Buenos Aires/Reuters

Rain over the last 10 days in Argentina s central grain area revitalized parched wheat fields and helped farmers with their corn sowing, but dry weather could return, a forecaster said Monday.

This season got off to a rough start as planting was slowed by dry soils, but heavy rainfall last week allowed farmers to push ahead with planting.

The rains were good for the areas that had big moisture deficits, but conditions are still not optimal, said Jose Luis Aiello, head of the Applied Climatology Consultancy in Buenos Aires province.

Aiello said he expected moderate rains in some areas this week, but the showers do not mean the country is safe from the La Nia weather phenomenon, which tends to cause dryness in Argentina. He said there could be another dry spell late this year and early in 2012.



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