Easter lamb supplies may have been less than demand

Easter lamb quantities were much lower than usual at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction Easter sale, but the quality remained high

Reminder: No sale on April 6, 2016.

Just 312 sheep and goats were auctioned on March 16, 2016 and buyers’ expectations may have been greater than supplied.

The selection of ewes was limited but the quality produced some strong bidding from the various buyers. The combination of older and heavy wool ewes was of less demand, at this sale. The price ranged from $1.07 to $1.15 per pound. An exception was two 130-pound ewes that brought $1.23 per pound.

A 245-pound Suffolk-cross ram brought $220.50 ($0.90 per pound). A 175-pound Katahdin-cross ram, demonstrating the regal and gentle behaviour typical to them, brought $0.98 a pound.

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There were no heavyweight lambs.

Market lambs garnered interest from the crowd, but that didn’t necessarily translate into interest from buyers. A group of eight 98-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $1.81 per pound. Two 108-pound Cheviot-cross lambs brought $1.68 per pound.

Majority of the feeder lambs brought a price range from $1.80 to $1.93 per pound, although a group of 12 92-pound lambs brought $1.77 per pound. A group of 10 85-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $2.06 per pound.

The 70-plus-pound lambs of the lightweight classification maintained the strong bidding from the buyers. The price ranged from $1.90 to $2.075 per pound. A group of five 74-pound lambs brought $1.79 per pound.

There appeared to be no price difference between the 60-plus-pound wool and hair lambs. The price ranged from $1.85 to $1.92 per pound.

Buyers had less interest in lighter-weight lambs. The 50-plus-pound lambs had a price range from $1.70 to $1.81 per pound, while 45-pound lambs brought $1.42 per pound.

The supply of the new-crop lambs appeared to be lower than past Easter seasons. The price ranged from $2.30 to $2.40 per pound for lambs ranging between 55 and 73 pounds. Two 83-pound lambs brought $2.20 per pound.

The Kiko-cross goats were more visible in presentation in the arena than other goats. Younger goats brought the strongest bidding, including Kiko-cross goats, outpacing bids on older animals.

The goat doe class showed a strong trend in the bidding towards the younger and lower-weight does, with buyers paying particular attention to quality.

The selection of bucks was limited at this sale. A Kiko purebred goat buck brought the high bidding price — $2.20 per pound. A 95-pound Pygmy-cross goat buck brought $1.925 per pound.

The Easter sale was well supplied with various-weight goat kids and buyers had good bidding opportunities on a much larger goat kid supply when compared to the sales over the past few months. Even dairy goat kid prices competed or followed the meat goat kids. Overall, goat kid prices ranged from $2.25 to $2.50 per pound for the entire class.

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The Ontario Stockyard Report indicated all classification of sheep and goats sold at strong prices, although thin and lightweight lambs were not holding the compared prices.

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