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Wildlife Are Livestock Too

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a reputation for focusing on the symptom, ignoring the source and accomplishing nothing. The reason why farmers in Riding Mountain National Park have suffered stress, financial loss, and had their livestock exposed to reportable diseases is because governments have covered up the reportable diseases in the park.

A cull is not following the rules and will never eradicate reportable disease in the park.

CFIA and Riding Mountain National Park are breaking the Animal Health Act themselves. The park is in Canada. Federal regulations and policies required apply to whoever, and definitely all the herds in the park. Veterinary procedure would be to kill every animal in the park, including badgers. The park would have to be void of animals for a period of time.

Blood and samples taken from every organ would have to be tested for reportable disease. Every animal in the park would need to be numbered and labelled. Then you would have to document and publish these results to the public.

People independent of government and not influenced by the government would have to do the work. Government working on the kill would be a conflict of interest.

Ted McCaffrey Manitou, Man.



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