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Wet Outlook For Spring

Weather analysts believe the wet conditions may last throughout the entire first half of 2011.

Drew Lerner, president of World Weather Inc. in Kansas City, said even though Western Canada has been fairly dry for the last couple of weeks, more snow is still on the way this winter.

“There are still three systems on the way, which will provide us both with precipitation and cooler temperatures,” Lerner said. “From now, through the first half of March, we are looking at above-average snowfall in Western Canada.”

Lerner added that parts of North Dakota are also expected to see above-average snowfall, which could add to worries in the Red River Valley in southern Manitoba.

Temperatures on the Canadian Prairies have been average over the past couple of weeks, which has been good news as it has allowed some of the snow to melt at a fairly slow pace. However, Lerner said that trend is not likely to continue.

“Temperatures in March will be cooler than normal. The problem though, is that we are not likely to melt a lot of snow in March, and we may replenish the snow that does go away,” he said. “There could still be some significant snow on the ground when it heats up, which would not be good news.”

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