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U. S. Launches Second Dairy Buyout

The U. S. dairy group Co-operatives Working Together is conducting its second herd retirement of 2009, and U. S. producers have until July 24 to participate.

“With the ongoing financial pressure on dairy farmers, and because the vast majority of farmers are familiar with CWT’s herd retirement program and how it works, we shortened the bidding window to two weeks,” Jerry Kozak, president of the National Milk Producers Federation, which manages CWT, said in a statement.

CWT will consider bids up to, but not to exceed $5.25 per hundredweight. Producers must bid on a per hundredweight basis. CWT will review and accept bids beginning from the lowest bids received and moving up.

The first CWT buyout of 2009 concluded in May, with the CWT agreeing to take 102,898 dairy cows out of production, the most in the six years the CWT has been conducting such buyouts.



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