Stop importing slaughter horses

I strongly disagree with the letter from Cathy Halbesma “Horses, not breeders, need protection” in the June 17 issue of the Manitoba Co-operator.

We believe in the humane treatment of all types of animals in the slaughterhouse. What we disagree with is the Americans dumping their slaughter horses onto our market. When you raise horses for a living in the pleasure, driving or show arena, this dumping hurts our market. Even when we cut our breeding programs, we are still affected.

Our problems started when they opened PMU barns for all those women who wanted the pill, although it could have been made in a lab. Then they turn around and close these barns forcing the owners to slaughter their animals, causing the price to drop. This dumping of U. S. horses into our market has destroyed our horse industry. You call us callous and uncaring when the reverse is true. You go to your job, so you can make money. This is our livelihood, so don’t criticize us. Yes, we need above-board slaughterhouse practices.

If you want all our slaughterhouses shut down. I suggest you send me you address so we can deliver our old, sick and crippled animals to you as lawn mowers. Or would you prefer that we just take them out to the back 40 and shoot them for coyote bait? Carol Thomas

Castor, Alta. produced at least 40 tonnes of grain in the year of an election, or in either of the previous two crop years.

When an independent panel was asked to bring forward recommendations to reform the CWB election process, the panel recommended the modest 40-tonne threshold because they said they wanted to ensure that smaller producers still had the opportunity to vote.

These are simple changes that are supported by farmers, industry and the CWB.

Our Conservative government is listening to real farmers and is responding with practical legislation.

David Anderson Member of Parliament for

Cypress Hills-Grasslands and Parliamentary Secretary for

the Canadian Wheat Board

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