Small sale for first auction of summer schedule

Demand was there to be filled and buyers were prepared for some major bidding — but just 54 sheep and goats were delivered for the May 4 sale at Winnipeg.

It’s possible some classifications saw higher bidding than ordinary because of the limited selection.

A group of six 224-pound Suffolk-cross ewes carried similar interest as the last sale, bringing $232.96 ($1.04 a pound). A 125-pound Rideau-cross ewe showed evidence of age, so the the bidding did not match the quality ewes.

A 250-pound Suffolk-cross ram brought $0.91 per pound.

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Two 143-pound heavyweight Suffolk-cross lambs brought $218.79 ($1.53 per pound).

There were no Market lambs.

There were no Feeder lambs.

Five 77-pound Rideau-cross lambs brought $187.77 ($2.44 per pound).

A 60-pound Katahdin-cross lamb brought $135 ($225 per pound).

The New-Crop Lamb classification featured quality and uniform-framed lambs at this sale. A group of 13 84-pound lambs brought $239.40 ($2.85 per pound). Eighteen 88-pound lambs brought $253.44 ($2.88 per pound).

The selection for goats has been very limited in many of the sales, an issue that continued and even worsened at this sale. In the goat doe class, a group of 10 93-pound Alpine-cross and Boer-cross goats, all open with doelings in the group brought $270 ($2.90 a pound).

The goat buck class saw the largest number of goats at this sale, with three 93-pound Boer-cross bucks bringing $205 ($2.46 a pound). An 85-pound Boer-cross buck brought $220 ($2.59 per pound). A 140-pound Boer-cross buck brought $227.50 ($1.63 a pound). A 175-pound Boer-cross Saanen goat buck brought $247.50 ($1.41 per pound).

A 160-pound Boer-cross goat wether brought $235 ($1.47 per pound).

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