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Sheep & Goat Sales – for Mar. 25, 2010


$88.45 $184.90


110 lbs.+

95 110 lbs.

80 94 lbs.

$144.90 $151.42

$121.13 $140.60

$131.75 $142.40

under 80 lbs.

70 79 lbs.

60 69 lbs.

50 59 lbs.

$105.00 $128.44

$97.02 $103.50

$82.68 $97.02

There was a full house for the Winnipeg Livestock Auction, March 18, 2010. It could have been the result of the strong wind on the cloudy day, or due to Easter demand and excitement, with 250 sheep and goats up for auction. The high demand for purchasing, maintained a steady price for the sheep and goats.

The selection of ewes was not limited to one breed, but rather a variety of the breeds. Some well-structured-frame ewes, brought the top price range and was not only dependent upon one breed of sheep. The interest in ewes, whether young or a bit older, kept a steady price.

There were seven strong, individual rams of various breeds, entering the arena – each attracting the audience’s attention. These rams sold in a price range 72.5 cents per lb. to 97.50 cents per lb.

Two groups of heavyweight lambs, sold at this sale. The first group, was Rideau-cross lambs at 113 pounds. They brought $151.42 ($1.34/lb.). The second group was Suffolkcross lambs at 115 pounds. They brought $144.90 ($1.26/lb.).

There were only four market lambs sold. The first was a Suffolk-cross lamb at 95 pounds, which brought $140.60 ($1.48/ lb.). The second was a Katadhin-cross lamb at 95 pounds, which brought $121. 13 ($1.2750/lb.). A group of Ride-au-cross lambs at 103 pounds brought $133.90 ($1.30/lb.).

Once again, the feeder lambs were very limited in numbers. Two Dorper-cross lambs, 80 pounds, brought $142.40 ($1.78/lb.). The Rideau-cross lambs, 55 pounds, brought $131.75 ($1.55/lb.).

The classification of lightweight lambs was the dominate feature of the sale, after the showing of ewes in numbers. A 70-pound lamb brought $113.40 ($1.62/lb.); while a group of Dorper-cross lambs at 76 pounds brought $128.44 ($1.69/lb.).

There were two large group of lambs, 63 pounds and 69 pounds; these brought $97.02 and $103.50 ($1.54 and $1.50/ lb.), respectively. Three groups of Cheviot-cross lambs, 52 pounds, brought $82.68, $87.10 and $93.08 ($1.59, $1.6750, and $1.79/lb.) respectively. Two Cheviot-cross lambs,

45 pounds, brought $70.88 ($1.5750/lb.).

The buyers were presented with the first group of new-crop lambs at this sale. These were very impressive Cheviotcross lambs, 48 pounds, which brought $97.20 ($2.0250/lb.).

The goat selection was dominated by the bucks, but closely followed by the nannies. The Boer-cross bucks, 74 pounds to

180 pounds, brought $125 to $190 ($1.69/lb. -$1.06/lb.). A pygmy-cross buck, 90 pounds, brought $92.50 ($1.03/lb.).

There were two mixed groups of Boer-cross kids, 52 pounds and 54 pounds, which brought $86 and $97 ($1.65/lb. and $1.80/lb.).

Eleven Boer-cross doelings, 65 pounds, brought $97.50 ($1.50/ lb.). Three groups of bucklings, 57 pounds, 75 pounds and 84 pounds; brought $90, $105 and $112.50 ($1.58/lb., $1.40/lb. and $1.34/lb.).

A group of Boer-cross wethers,

68 pounds, brought $92 ($1.35/ lb.), while a single Boer-cross wether, 120 pounds, brought $125 ($1.04/lb.).

Two very young (possibly under 10 days old) Boer-cross bucklings, 13 pounds, sold for $30 each ($2.31/lb.). Then another young Boer-cross doe-ling,

25 pounds, brought $47.50 ($1.90/lb.).

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