Sheep & Goat Sales – for Jun. 4, 2009

A drizzling grey day did not keep the buyers from attending the Winnipeg Auction (May 7, 2009). There was good audience in the stands. The day felt like an autumn day, rather than a spring day. We are still hoping for warmer days.

Ewes $51 to $148.

Lambs 110+lbs.: $156

95 110 lbs.: $138.70 to $147.98

80 94 lbs.: $140.43

under 80 lbs.: $102 $119.14

The ewes ranged in weights, from 70 to 210 pounds. Generally the Katahdin X fetch lower bids – but not in this sale. The Katahdin-X ewes ranged in the weights, from 120 to 135 lbs.

A Suffolk-X ram was the first ram to enter the arena, the 185-pounder showed a well-defined frame. This ram brought $136.90 (0.74/lb.). The second ram was a Cheviot X, a much larger ram at 230 lbs. He brought $184 (0.80/lb.).

The last ram was a Dorper X at 135 pounds; he entered the arena in a very calm manner – showing great personality. This ram brought $101.25 (0.75/lb.).

The price of lambs remained in high fashion, as the demand is still fairly high. Even the lightweight lambs, 60 pounds brought $1.70/lb. The heavyweight lambs, 120 pounds produced $1.30/lb.

In the goat category, an Alpine-X buck had some interest with the bidders; he brought $160 (1.46/lb.). The does still continued with the average prices, from the holiday seasons – ranging from 71 cents to 94 cents per lb. There were numerous groups of Boer-X doelings and wethers being sold – extremely well developed and muscled. These Boer-X groups, 80 to 72 pounds; kept a similar price range, $1.50 to $1.61/ lb. The arena stands came alive with some wild bidding, from all directions – the auctioneer was kept busy, as there was high demand for these goats.

The arena stands were packed at the Grunthal Auction (May 12, 2009); there was great interest in the sale. The numbers of sheep and goats might have been down for this sale, but was not indicated in the prices.

Two lambs, a Suffolk X and a Cheviot X, both were 70 pounds – each brought $91 (1.30/lb.). A mixed group of 62-pound lambs, brought $79.98 (1.29/lb.).

A family (one ewe and two lambs) got people’s attention. When doesn’t a cute little lamb seem to draw some attention, and these two lambs certainly did that. The whole family brought $210 ($1/lb.). There was a selection of breeding rams. The first was a Cheviot-X ram weighing 155 pounds; he brought $71.30 (0.46/lb.).

The Suffolk-X ram, 180 pounds; brought $91.80 (0.51/ lb.). The Romney-X ram at 165 pounds created some interest with the bidders. This ram brought $90.75 (0.55/lb.).

There was a good selection of goats in all classes. The Boer-X buck at 65 pounds brought $105 (1.62/lb.) and the other Boer-X buck, at 51 pounds brought $95 (2.29/lb.).

The price of does had increased even from the Christmas and Easter averages, good interest from the bidders. The range was 78 to 93 pounds, which brought $100 (1.28/lb.) to $135 (1.45/lb.). The kids (doelings / bucklings and wethers were sold in mix groups ranging 50 to 61 pounds with $1.90 to $1.15/lb. A lightweight group, 43 pounds, brought $3.37/lb.

Another nice day for a sale on May 21, 2009; at the Winnipeg Auction, although not a large supply of animals for this sale.


$52.50 to $163.52


110+: 0

95 110 lbs. $143.08

80 94 lbs. $141.10

68 lbs. $87.72 ($1.29/lb.)

35 lbs. 70 ($2.00/lb.)

There were some East Friesen rams at the sale, good breeding animals. First ram, 160 pounds, brought $124 (0.775/lb.), and the other ram, 155 pounds, brought $142.60 (0.92/lb.). A Dorper-X ram, 210 pounds, brought $144.90 (0.69/lb.). The Suffolk-X ram, 240 pounds, brought $102 (0.425/lb.).

The lightweight ewes did not continue with the same pace as the heavier ewes. A person could see this trend, while the bidding continued.

The selection of lambs was limited, but when a Dorper-X lamb entered the arena, the interest grew from the audience. This 35-pound lamb brought $70 ($2/lb.).

The lightweight goats, 35 to 59 pounds, brought $1.79 and $1.53/lb.; respectively. The Boer-X Saanen buck, 140 pounds, brought $200 (1.43/lb.). A group of Boer-X, 63 pounds, doelings, brought $127 (2.02/ lb.)

The Weekly Livestock Market Review indicates the prices in Ontario have not fallen. The holiday prices have continued, as there is a good demand.


May 1, 2009 1.95 1.84 May 8, 2009 1.85 1.96 May 15, 2009 N/A May 22, 2009 N/A


May 1, 2009 1.40 1.16 May 8, 2009 1.39 1.15 May 15, 2009 1.38 1.20 May 22, 2009 1.38 1.22 The Ontario Stockyards, Inc.

reported that the lambs of 65 to 80 lbs., were ranging in prices of $2.73 -$2.56/lb., and the 80-to 95-pound lambs, brought $2.33 to $2/lb. The heavier lambs were below the $2/lb. range.

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