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Sheep & Goat Sales – for Apr. 29, 2010

Ewes Lambs

110 lbs. + 95 110 lbs.

80 94 lbs. under 80 lbs. n/a



$175.18 $180.90 $147.75

Traditions are difficult to explain – how they started and how they continue. However, one tradition at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction on April 18, 2010 – changed. The prices of the lambs did not go down at Easter. In fact, the prices increased slightly. Yet another tradition remained – the number of sheep and goats was low for this sale, only 31 animals.

There were no sheep (ewes or

rams) at this sale. The selection of lambs remained very limited, so the bidding was strong between the members of the meat industry. There was only one group of 95-lb. Cheviot-cross lambs, which brought $187.63 ($1.975/lb.). Then there were two groups of Cheviot-cross lambs, 91 lbs. and 90 lbs., which brought $175.18 and $189.90 ($1.925/lb. and $2.01/lb.). The 75-lb. Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $147.75 ($1.97/lb.).

The selection for goats was very limited, as there were only two groups; (doelings and does). There were two groups of doelings, 75 lbs. and 78 lbs. that brought $97.50 and $98 ($1.30/lb. and $1.26/ lb.). The variety of breeds for the does was represented, only not

many of each. The does ranged in weight from 220 lbs. to 148 lbs., and brought $140 to $135 ($0.64/ lb. to $0.91/lb.).

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