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Sheep & Goat Market Report – for Aug. 20, 2009

The crowd was ready for some exciting bidding. The beautiful day was an extra bonus for the Winnipeg Auction on Aug. 6, 2009.

Ewes $43.75 to $145.60 Lambs

110 lbs. and over: $137.94 $154.94

95 110 lbs. $110.20 $144.72 80 94 lbs. $84 $123.20 under 80

70 79 lbs. $64.75 $110.60 65 68 lbs. $60.13 $103.36 50 54 lbs. $62.50 $89.64

There was a limited selection of rams, which created some strong bidding. A 175-pound Suffolk-X ram brought $129.50 ($0.74/lb. ) . Another large Suffolk-X ram, 255 lbs., brought $186.15 ($0.73/lb.). A 165-pound, Cheviot-X ram, brought $132 ($0.80/lb.).

There was high interest in the younger ewes, selling for a higher sale price than the average ewe price. Keeping the average price around $0.81/lb. for the 120-pound weights.

Two large groups of feeder lambs outshone the other lambs, by the complete structure uniformity. These 54-and 53-pound lambs brought $89.64 and $87.45 ($1.66/lb. and $1.65/lb.); respectfully. The market lambs were selling slightly lower than those in July, but still remained steady. The price range of $1.27 to $1.40/lb., was the average. The slightly lighter-weight Katdahin-X lambs were averaging $0.925/lb. to $1.16/lb.


There was a good selection of goats for this sale. Three Alpine X Spanish-X bucks impressively entered the arena, uniform in size and colour and created some strong bidding: $195 for these 138-pound goats or $1.41/lb. A Boer-X buck, 55 pounds; was the top sale of the day, bringing $95 ($1.73/lb.). The price range was averaging $1.10-$1.73/lb. for the various bucks.

There appeared to be very little price differences between the bucklings and wethers and doelings at this sale. The doelings were competing steady at $1.32 to $1.75/lb. The bucklings and wethers were averaging in similar prices, $1.26 to $1.70/lb.

The does were averaging, $0.76 to $1.15/lb. A group of younger Alpine-X does, brought $1.49/lb. ; while another group of Nubian-X does, brought $1.50/lb.

The crowd was entertained by a group of Angora-X does, 83 pounds, which brought $60 ($0.72/lb.). Plus there were some pygmy-X does, 80 pounds, that brought $87.50 and $112; ($1.09/lb. and $1.40/ lb.).

The Weekly Livestock Market Review for August 7, 2009; stated the Ontar io market lambs (95-115 pounds), were selling at $1.64 to $1.50 per pound. On July 14, 2009; the lambs were selling at $1.51 to $1.65 per pound. On July 31, 2009; the lambs were selling at $1.64 per pound. The Alberta (Innisfail) market lambs were selling at $1.27 to $1.17/lb. On July 14, 2009; the lambs were selling at $1.40 to $1.24 per pound. On July 31, 2009; the lambs were selling at $1.34 to $1.19 per pound.

The Ontario Stockyards Inc. reports that all well-fed lambs and goats sold steady to strong sales, while the sheep traded $3 to $5 per hundredweight higher.

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