Sheep and goat prices remain strong

The summer new auction schedule has started, with only one auction per month. There were 125 sheep and goats delivered to the Winnipeg Livestock Auction, on May 3. With limited numbers of animals supplied, at this sale — the buyers were prepared to do some serious bidding.

Ewes dominated the stock on offer at this sale and there were strong bids from both meat buyers and producers wishing to increase their herd. The culls were clearly separated by the lower price bidding. The price ranged from $0.40 to $0.74 per pound; while the better-quality ewes kept a price range of $0.79 to $1.03 per pound.

Producers are developing new buyer interest with family units of ewes and their offspring. The bidding was on the full four family units, which consisted of two Katahdin-cross with Katahdin-cross lambs and two large-framed Barbado-cross ewes with Katahdin-cross lambs. The interest on these family units generated a lot of interest among the audience and produced $310 per unit.

The selection of rams was limited and even the cull types garnered strong bids. The price ranged from $0.55 to $0.6250 per pound for the cull rams. The price ranged from $0.82 to $1.75 per pound for breeding stock. There appeared to be no price separation between the wool and the hair rams.

Strong bidding

The bidding was coming from all parts of the audience for a group of seven 132-pound Cheviot-cross yearlings. These yearlings brought $212.52 ($1.61 per pound).

There was two groups in the heavyweight lamb classification. Three 115-pound Suffolk-cross lambs brought $131.11 ($1.14 per pound). A 170-pound Suffolk-cross lamb brought $166.60 ($0.98 per pound).

The market classification lambs were represented by two groups sold at this sale. The first group of eight 107-pound mixed-cross lambs brought $199.02 ($1.86 per pound). The large-framed 100-pound Barbado-cross lamb brought $140 ($1.40 per pound).

Two 83-pound Katahdin-cross lambs represented the feeder lamb classification. The two lambs brought $240.70 ($2.90 per pound).

The lightweight lambs generated strong price bidding, similar to new-crop lambs. Lambs in the 70-pound to 75-pound range brought a price range of $181.76 to $211.88 ($2.56 to $2.825 per pound). There was an exception, a 75-pound Katahdin-cross lamb which brought $156.75 ($2.09 per pound).

The 65-pound Dorper-cross lamb brought $131.63 ($2.025 per pound). The other group of 65-pound lambs brought $126.75 ($1.95 per pound).

The 50-pound Suffolk-cross lamb brought $42.50 ($0.85 per pound).

The buyers continued the high and strong bidding for the new-crop lambs at this sale. The first group of 71-pound lambs brought $197.38 ($2.78 per pound). The other group of 72-pound lambs brought $199.44 ($2.77 per pound).


No does or bucks were represented at this sale; only goat kids were delivered. The goat kids were on the lightweight scale, ready for the meat industry. Three 60-pound Alpine-cross goats brought $150 ($2.50 per pound). Three 62-pound Boer-cross goats brought $142.50 ($2.30 per pound).

Four 44-pound Boer-cross bucklings brought $122.50 ($2.78 per pound). A 45-pound Boer-cross buckling brought $110 ($2.44 per pound).

The Ontario Stockyard Report (April 30, 2012) stated that the goat classification remained in a steady pace. The heavyweight lambs had a positive effect and increased in the prices; while the lightweight lambs had dropped in prices from last week.

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