Sheep &Goat Sales – for Sep. 16, 2010

Sept. 2 was the start of two sales per month at Winnipeg Livestock Sales. Producers supplied about 500 sheep and goats, for this sale, demand was high, and bidding was exciting.

The ewes sold at slightly higher than steady. Katahdincross ewes had good body structure, but sold for a slightly lower price.

The selection of the rams was dominated by Suffolkcross rams, which ranged in weight from 198 to 250 pounds and brought $192 and $217.50 (97 and 87 cents per pound) respectively.

A three-year-old, 202-lb. Rideau-cross ram brought $176.30 (86 cents/lb.).

There was only one group of heavyweight lambs: 10 142-lb. Suffolk-cross lambs brought $149.10 ($1.05/lb.).

Lambs in the 95-to 110-lb. range brought $1.33 down to $1.05 per pound. Only four groups of lambs were sold in this classification, limiting buyers’ selection.

Market lambs were much more dominant at this sale, creating a higher selection and good bidding. These lambs ranged from 82 to 94 pounds, which brought $106.60 to $125.49 ($1.30-$1.41/ lb. ) respectively.

Lightweight lambs kept steady with the higher bidding, competing well with the market lambs on price. The 73-to 78-lb. lambs brought $105.85-$103.74 ($1.45 down to $1.33/lb.) respectively. The 70-lb. and 79-lb. Katahdincross lambs brought $86.80 and $93.22 ($1.24 and $1.18/lb.); a group of 68-lb. Suffolk-cross lambs brought $97.92 ($1.44/ lb.) and a group of 65-lb. Suffolkcross lambs brought $94.90 ($1.46/lb.).

A very lightweight group of Dorper-cross lambs brought $61.74 ($1.26/lb.).


Buyers had a good selection of goats for the sale. Does sold steady, in the range of 82 to 95 cents/lb. A group of 20 66-lb. Boer-cross nannies brought $90 ($1.36/lb.) although a group of heavyweight does at 158 lbs. brought $94 (60 cents/lb.).

Demand for bucks created some major bidding from the crowd. The bucks were lightweight, rather than heavy, for this sale; they ranged from 50 to 63 lbs. and brought $79-$120 ($1.58-$1.91/lb.).

Lightweight wethers produced a higher return than heavy wethers. A 135-lb. Boer-cross wether brought $140 ($1.04/lb.) while 70-lb. and 57-lb. wethers brought $125 and $83 ($1.79 and $1.46/lb.) respectively.

The classification of doelings was represented by Alpinecross and Boer-cross goats, each group producing higher prices than bucklings at this sale. The 45-and 63-lb. Alpinecross doelings brought $72.50 and $101 ($1.61/lb. in both cases) respectively. The 60-lb. Boer-cross doeling brought $95 ($1.58/lb.).

Boer-cross bucklings dominated the classification; the weight ranged from 51 to 57 lbs., producing $77 to $95 ($1.51-$1.67/lb.). The 50-lb. Alpine-cross buckling brought $80 ($1.60/lb.).

The audience was entertained by groups of small goats and their frolicking manner and behaviour. Groups of very lightweight Boer-cross doelings and bucklings brought 73 cents to $1.13/lb.

A group of 50-lb. Pygmy-cross bucks brought $79 ($1.58/lb.). A family unit – a doe with two bucklings) – sold as a unit and brought $100 ($1.01/lb.).


Table 1. Winnipeg Livestock, Sales, Sept. 2

Class (weightsinlbs.)Ewes Lambs

142 95-100

80-94 80

70-79 60-69


Pricerange (peranimal)


149.10 105.00-132.30


86.80-105.85 94.90-97.92


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