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Sheep &Goat Sales – for Sep. 1, 2011

On August 4, 2011; the Winnipeg Livestock Auction had approximately 340 sheep and goats delivered for the sale. The arena seats were filled with numerous buyers both young and old.

Many of the ewes delivered for this sale were sheared, which did not indicate any differences in the price range. The buyers responded with higher bidding towards the younger ewes and those indicating they were soon to lamb. Younger ewes brought $1.20 to $1.475 per pound. The pregnant ewes brought $0.825 per pound, although, the group of Katahdin-cross ewes fell below the price range, at 40 cents per pound.

Only three rams were delivered for this sale. The 95-pound sheared Cheviotcross ram, brought $142.50 ($1.50 per pound). The 155- pound, well-framed Katahdincross ram, brought $124 ($0.80 per pound). The 205-pound Suffolk-cross ram brought $169.13 ($0.825 per pound).

Two heavyweight lambs were sold, at this sale. A 115-pound Rideau-cross lamb, brought $189.75 ($1.65 per pound) and a 120-pound Dorset-cross lamb, brought $186 ($1.55 per pound).

No single breed of lamb indicated any dominance, in the 95-to 110-pound classification. The price ranged from $1.625 to $1.80 per pound. There was an exception to this price range, as one 110- pound Barbado-cross lamb, (lamb with Barbado markings, but much heavier body structure); brought $121 ($1.10 per pound).

The lambs in the 80-to 94-pound classification dominated the number of lambs, sold at this sale. The price ranged from $1.35 to $1.575 per pound. Once again, a group of three – 85-pound Barbado-cross lambs, brought $123.25 ($1.45 per pound).

A mixed group of five 71-pound lambs, (Dorpercross and Katahdin-cross); brought $113.60 ($1.60 per pound). The price range for 73- to 79-pound lambs, brought $1.80 to $1.89 per pound.

The 60-to 67-pound lambs, brought $120 to $123.95 ($2 to $1.85 per pound).

A 40-pound lamb, brought $471 ($1.775 per pound).

A 35-pound Katahdin-cross lamb, brought $35 ($1 per pound).

The demand for goats remained quite strong at this sale. The bidding on the does, suggested herd expansions are underway. Prices ranged from $1.27 to $2.07 per pound.

The strong anticipation in the bidding developed when a La Mancha-cross doe with two kids entered the arena. The interest in this family unit, appeared to grow from the numerous children (future-generation buyers), in the audience – a possible influence factor. The doe with the two kids, brought $230 ($1.64 per pound).

The demand for the bucks remained constant. The lightweight bucks produced the higher prices. A 65-pound Boer-cross buck, brought $137.50 ($2.12 per pound) and a 77-pound Saanen-cross buck, brought $165 ($2.14 per pound). Two 43-pound tall-framed Pygmy-cross bucks, brought $77 ($1.80 per pound). A 170-pound Boercross buck entered the arena, with impressive presence – enough for the auctioneer to announce he was the King of the Sale. This buck brought $232.50 ($1.37 per pound).

The lightweight Boer-cross wethers provided a high price range. The 55-to 68-pound Boer-cross wethers, brought $2.18 to $2.02 per pound. The price dropped for the heavier Boer-cross wethers. The 112-to 155-pound wethers, brought $1.56 to $0.92 per pound.

The bucklings ranging from 56 to 61 pounds, brought $2.23 to $2.25 per pound.

The lighter-weight (kids) goats were the highlights for the younger generation, the future buyers, a possible reason for the higher prices than past sales. A 45-pound Boer-cross doe-ling, brought $97.50 ($2.17 per pound). Prices remained high even for the 25-pound goats (kids), whether based upon the spotting colour effect or the breed. The price ranged from $2.12 to $2.72 per pound, for these lightweight goats.


EwesLambs (lbs.)110+ 95 -110 80 -94

Under 80

71 -79 60 -67 40


$54 -$166.32

$186 -$189.75 $169.20 -$186.16 $123.25 -$161.10

$113.60 -$149.31 $118.50 -$123.95 $71


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