Sheep &Goat Sales – for Jun. 16, 2011

The summer schedule started for the Winnipeg Livestock Auction on June 2, 2011, where there is only one auction per month for the sheep and goats. There were 250 sheep and goats delivered for this sale.

The bidding on the ewes, varied from strong to subdued. The condition of some of the sheep was noticeable, created by the flooding in the province, and resulted in the wide price range. The lower prices in bidding, ranged from $52 to $81.08, while the top bidding generated a price range from $92 to $165.90. Whether the ewes were sheared or not appeared to have no influence on bidding. The classical characteristic of the Barbado breed, was surely indicated by the young 70-pound Barbado ewe that was sold at this sale. This highly active Barbado ewe, brought $63 ($0.90 per pound).

The first family unit was a ewe with one lamb and the second was a ewe with two lambs. The combination of these family units, brought $192.50 ($0.875 per pound).

Only one 225-pound Suffolk-cross ram was delivered to this sale. This ram brought $208.13 ($0.925 per pound).

The 120-pound Rideaucross lamb provided evidence that certain grazing areas in the province, have been a victim of weather and flooding. The 120-pound Rideaucross lamb, brought $96 ($0.80 per pound) compared to two 120-pound Cheviotcross lambs that brought $165 ($1.375 per pound).

Bidding on market weight lambs remained strong. Two groups of 15 100-pound Cheviot-cross lambs, brought $182 and $179 ($1.82 and $1.79 per pound). Yet, one 105-pound Suffolk-cross lamb, brought $120.75 ($1.15 per pound).

Strong bidding continued for feeder lambs. The price ranged from $1.82 to $1.89 per pound. An exception was a group of four 84-pound Suffolk-cross lambs that brought $102.90 ($1.225 per pound).

Within the lightweight lamb classification, there were limited numbers of lambs available for this sale. Twelve 49-pound lambs, brought $79.63 ($1.625 per pound), two 53-pound lambs, brought $71.55 ($1.35 per pound). There was a group of 10 69-pound Rideau-cross and Suffolk-cross lambs that brought $72.45 ($1.05 per pound).

The price for the new-crop lambs, dropped slightly from the last sale. Yet, the demand for the new crop lambs, still held some strong bidding. Eleven 79-pound Suffolkcross lambs, brought $156.03 ($1.975 per pound). Nine 70-pound Suffolk-cross and Rideau-cross lambs, brought $127.40 ($1.82 per pound). Four 95-pound Suffolk-cross lambs, brought $177.65 ($1.87 per pound).


There were few goats on offer. The bidding price remained quite strong, under these circumstances. One 100- pound Alpine-cross nanny brought $112.50 ($1.13 per pound). One 50-pound Boercross doeling, brought $75 ($1.50 per pound). The supply for bucks was slightly higher in numbers and some exciting bidding was due to the demand. One 55-pound Boercross buck, brought $85 ($1.55 per pound). Two 65-pound Alpine-cross and Boer-cross bucks, brought $107.50 ($1.65 per pound).

Two 85-pound Boer-cross wethers, brought $107.50 ($1.27 per pound).

Interest was high in some family units offered for sale. A doe with two doeling kids, having a combined weight of

130 pounds, brought $122.50 ($0.94 per pound). A smaller-framed doe with one kid, with a combined weight of

76 pounds, brought $102.50 ($1.35 per pound). A Boercross doe with two kids, with a combined weight of 150 pounds, brought ($0.90 per pound).


EWESLAMBS (LBS.)110+ 95 -110 80 -94

Under 80

69 53 49


70 79


$ 52 -$146.40

$96 -$165

$120.75 -$82 $102.90 -$164.65

$72.45 $71.55 $79.63

$1.82 $1.975


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