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Sheep &Goat Sales – for Dec. 16, 2010

Interest and demand for sheep and goats remained high at the Dec. 2 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction. Bidding was even higher than in November for the 685 sheep and goats that moved through the sale.

The demand for ewes was high. The younger ewes sold above the day’s price range, thus creating an upper price range of $1.04 to $1.12 per pound. The price range for this sale on the ewes, was from $0.82 to $0.99 per pound.

Only three rams were brought to the sale and it was very obvious from the bidding that two Suffolk-cross rams were not considered prime breeding stock.

The 125-pound Suffolkcross ram brought $59.38 ($0.475 per pound); while the 170-pound Suffolk-cross ram, brought $163.20 ($0.96 per pound). The 260-pound Suffolk-cross ram, the largest ram for the sale had an impressive frame and structure. The buyers did not stop until the bidding reached $278.20 ($1.07 per pound.)

There were a few heavyweight lambs sold at the sale – which created two specific price ranges. Strangely, the heaviest and the lightest lambs created the lowest price range, $0.95 to $1.175 per pound. A Cheviot-cross lamb and a $140-pound Suffolk-cross lamb produced the next price range from $1.39 to $1.44 per pound.

The 95-to 110-pound class of lambs had a good selection for all buyers. The price ranged from $1.52 to $1.74 per pound. There were three groups of 110-pound lambs which sold at three completely different prices; $1.52, $1.70 and $1.69 per pound.

The selection in the 80-to 94-pound lambs was well represented and the buyers kept the bidding active. The quality of the lambs produced the price range, $1.68 to $1.84 per pound. The majority of these lambs were in the weight range of 80 to 89 pounds. Once again, there were three groups of 81-pound lambs, with three different prices – $1.84, $1.70 and $1.78 per pound.

The lightweight lambs continued this higher price trend from the market and feeder lambs; before the holiday season. The buyers kept this bidding in an active activity. The lambs on the 70-to 79-pound weight, provided the price range of $1.74 to $1.87 per pound. There was no difference with the 60-to 69-pound lambs, which brought a price range of $1.78 to $1.87 per pound.

One group of 14 60 pound-Rideau-cross lambs, which had their wool severely coated with burrs – received low bidding $1.48 per pound. The bidding on the 50-to 59 pound lambs illustrated no standards. A group of 53- pound lambs, brought $94.08 ($1.775 per pound); while another 53 pound group of lambs, brought $100.17 ($1.80 per pound).

The single 45-pound Rideau-cross lamb, brought $78.50 ($1.70 per pound). The bidding interest on a 38-pound Rideau-cross lamb and a 38-pound Cheviot-cross lamb, was not as active. These lambs brought $49.40 each ($1.30 per pound).

The evidence from the bidding illustrated that in the goat industry, a heavier-weight buck did not produce as well as the lesser-weight bucks at this sale. A 125-pound Boercross buck, brought $147.50 ($1.18 per pound). Yet, a group of 80-pound Boercross bucks and a group of 72-pound Boer-cross bucks, brought $140 and $115 ($1.75 and $1.60 per pound); respectively. An 85-pound four-year-old breeding pygmy-cross buck, brought $125 ($1.47 per pound).

Similar to the November sale, there were two price ranges produced for the does. The lower-weight does at 73, 75 and 76 pounds brought the higher prices $92.50, $82.50 and $125 ($1.27, $1.10 and $1.65 per pound), respectively. However, the heavier-weight does still sold steady or slightly more than average from past sales. These does sold in a price range of $0.58 to $0.91 per pound.

The demand for goat kids was high. The goat kids in the 50-to 59-pound range, created two price ranges. The young buckl ings had a price range of $1.41 to $1.74 per pound; while the wethers in this weight range brought $1.25 to $1.47 per pound.

The goat kids in the 40- to 49-pound weight class, brought a price range of $1.33 to $1.63 per pound. The 30-to 39-pound goat kids showed no pattern or trend in the purchasing prices. Three groups of 35-pound kids produced very different prices; $1.06, $1.29 and $1.38 per pound. A group of 19 mixed kids, at 39 pounds brought $64 ($1. 64 per pound). Bidding remained low for a very vocal and cute 25-pound Boer-cross kid that entered the arena. This kid brought $20 ($0.80 per pound).

The heavier-wether goats produced the lower prices for the day’s sale. The 180-, 215-and 220-pound Boercross wethers; brought $145, $135 and $132.50 ($0.81, $0.63 and $0.61 per pound), respectively. The Boer-cross wethers in the weight range of 82 to 98 pounds, brought $130 to $146 ($1.59 to $1.49 per pound).


EWESLAMBS (LBS.)110+ 95 -110 80 -94Under 8070 -79 60 -69

50 -59

$128.70 – $179.20

$156.75 – $201.60 $119 – $185.90 $144.18 – $159.31

$129.93 – $140.25 $88.80 – $125.29

$67.58 – $100.17


Biddingwaseven higherthanin Novemberforthe 685sheepand goatsthatmoved throughthesale.

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