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Sheep &Goat Sales – for Apr. 28, 2011

The local buyers had a great opportunity with the last-minute Easter bidding for sheep and goats at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction April 21. The producers provided a balanced selection of most classifications – no heavyweight or market weight lambs. There were 181 animals at this sale.

Some evidence of culling with the ewes was present; this created the usual lower end of the price range, perhaps even creating a much lower price range. The demand or interest in the ewes, created some major bidding with buyers. There appeared to be no correlation between the breed of the ewe or the weight, rather it was based upon the animal’s condition. Even the issue of a ewe being sheared or not, the price bidding varied. Four 151-pound Rideaucross ewes (sheared) brought $172.14 ($1.14 per pound); while two 153-pound Suffolk-cross

ewes (sheared), brought $133.88 ($0.875 per pound).

These ewes compared to two 153-pound Cheviot-cross ewes (unsheared), which brought $156.83 ($1.025 per pound).

The ram selection was dominated by Cheviot-cross rams, starting with a 200-pound Cheviot-cross ram (sheared), which brought $206 ($1.03 per pound). The 265-pound Cheviot-cross ram, brought $259.70 ($0.98 per pound). A 140-pound Suffolk-cross ram, brought $140 ($1 per pound). Then two 170-pound Cheviotcross rams entered the arena, and the bidding continued until $182.75 ($1.075 per pound).

No heavyweight lambs or market weight lambs were at this sale. However, one group of 80-pound lambs, brought $206 ($2.57 per pound).

The lightweight lambs (under 80-pound classification) completed with the price bidding as the new-crop lambs. The various local buyers were interested in the small lambs for this Easter season sale. The 71-pound lambs, brought $177.50 ($2.50 per pound) and the 75-pound lambs, brought $170.63 ($2.275 per pound). There was no reasoning in the differences in the bidding by the buyers, with the two groups of 77-pound lambs. The first group, Rideau-cross lambs, brought $152.08 ($1.975 per pound), while the second group, Suffolk-cross lambs, brought $186.73 ($2.425 per pound).

Three groups of 60-pound lambs were sold at this sale. The bidding remained strong, but there was still some variation within these groups. These 60-pound lambs, brought $136.50, $145.50 and $129 ($2.275, $2.425 and $2.15 per pound). Six 52-pound lambs, brought $12.90 ($2.325 per pound). The 41-pound lambs, brought $79.95 ($1.95 per pound) and the 45-pound lambs, brought $103.50 ($2.30 per pound).

The new-crop lambs maintained a steady price range from April 7, 2011 at the Winnipeg Livestock Auction. These well-developed lambs created high interest with the local buyers. The 64-pound lambs, brought $161.28 ($2.52 per pound). The 59-pound lambs, brought $146.03 ($2.475 per pound) and the 49-pound lambs, brought $127.40 ($2.60 per pound).


The buyers kept the strong bidding on the selection of the goats, as the interest was high. The demand for the dairy breeds of does was active and produced the higher end of the price range. The Alpine-cross does, brought a price range of $1.02 to $1.15 per pound. While the demand for the Boer-cross does (meat breed) was strong, the price range was lower. The Boer-cross does brought a price range of $0.73 to $1.16 per pound. An exception was an 85-pound Boercross doe, which brought $105 ($1.24 per pound). Any of the does indicating or showing any presence of being pregnant, produced less bidding interest. A pregnant 165-pound Alpine-cross doe, brought $155 ($0.94 per pound) and a pregnant 125-pound Boer-cross doe, brought $97.50 ($0.78 per pound).

The heavyweight bucks did not produce as high in the bidding as the lighter-weight bucks. The 140-pound Alpinecross buck, brought $177.50 ($1.27 per pound). A 55-pound Boer-cross buck, brought $125 ($2.27 per pound). Since this sale was directed towards the Easter season, the influence of the meat goats drew the attention of the various buyers. The bucks, produced a price range of $1.27 to $2.27 per pound. Even two 60-pound Pygmycross bucks kept within this price range, as they brought $1.71 per pound.

The price range for the doe-lings, ranged from $1.55 to $1.91 per pound.

Bucklings kept the major interest with the bidding among the buyers. The trend in this goat classification, indicated that lightweight or smaller goats produced a higher price, which suggests some buyers were looking only for personal meat. The price ranged from $1.60 to $2.44 for various bucklings. An exception was a 20-pound Boercross buckling, which brought $60 ($3 per pound).

There were only three wethers delivered to this sale. The heavyweight wether, 165- pound, brought $160 ($0.97 per pound). While the other two 70-pound wethers, brought $130 and $97.50 ($1.86 and $1.39 per pound).


EwesLambs (lbs.)110+ 95 -110 80 -94

Under 80

70 -79 60 52

41 / 45


64 59


April 21, 2011

$105.30 -$219.38 $44.63 -$95




$152.08 -$186.73

$129 -$145.50


$79.95 / $103.50




April 7, 2011 $102.40 -$168.72

$136 -$181.09

$126 -$155.63 $123.50 $96.25-$112.75


$2.11 -$2.373



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