Quality sparks bidding at sheep and goat sale

Buyers were clearly interested in the best-conditioned animals

Quality sparks bidding at sheep and goat sale

It was quality on parade at the most recent sheep and goat sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction.

Very few culls were delivered and buyers took advantage of the quality that the 248 animals delivered for sale displayed, with a display of intense bidding.

No price difference was evident between wool and hair ewes. Two 138-pound Katahdin-cross ewes brought $1.38/lb. Six 129-pound sheared ewes brought $1.45/lb. Mature and culled ewes were of less interest; youth and uniform body structure was what was on the shopping list.

A 205-pound Dorper-cross ram brought $219.35 ($1.07/lb.).

No heavyweight lambs were delivered.

Four 105-pound Rideau-cross lambs represented the market class, bringing $257.25 ($2.45/lb.).

The feeder lambs kept the trend alive as prices ranged from $2.70 to $2.81/lb. No price difference between wool and hair lambs was apparent. One exotic lamb (a Babydoll) couldn’t reach the price range, bringing just $1.95/lb.

Producers delivered 61 lightweight lambs to this sale. These lambs were separated into two weight groups (77 and 73 pounds), bringing $2.80 and $2.83/lb. respectively.

New-crop lambs followed the trends of the eastern markets, with prices slowly dropping along with the bidding, but both new-crop and feeder lambs managed to hold their own in the end with similar weights.

In the goat sale buyers were seeking quality, and some animals could have clearly benefited from a bit more conditioning.

The dairy class was represented by Alpine-cross and Saanen-cross does. Goat wethers drew attention as each weight group entered the arena. Quality was apparent with impressive and uniform body structure.

Goat kid wethers saw a very similar quality profile and the bidding likewise continued in similar fashion, with plenty of buyer activity.

One Alpline-cross goat kid expressed his displeasure at being in the arena, but the 40-pounder fetched $2.13/lb. in the end.

The Ontario Stockyard Report indicated that lambs were in full demand by the buyers. However, sheep had difficulties maintaining the prices of the past few sales. Goat bidding appears to remain in similar price ranges over the weeks.

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