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Prices Strong Well Ahead Of Fall Run

Ma n i – toba cattle auction yards are starting to shake out the cobwebs after the summer slowdown, with a number of locations that had shut down for the season reopening during the past week. The fall run is still some time away and cattle remain out to pasture for the most part, but the small volumes that were moving during the week were posting some solid prices.

Only a few cull cows and bulls moved through the Taylor Auctions yard at its first cattle sale in two months, but “the market looks like it will be strong,” said Ross Taylor. “There is a lot of grass, so the cattle won’t be moving for a while yet.”

Dave Nickel of Gladstone Auction Mart will hold his first cattle sale of the season on Aug. 23. He was also only expecting a few odds and ends at the first sale back, and noted the start of the fall run will likely depend on weather conditions.

“If it doesn’t rain shortly, the cattle will come in sooner, but if it rains, I think they’ll hold on,” he said.

Demand for the cattle that are moving these days was described as “aggressive” by Myles Masson of the Ste. Rose Auction Mart. “It’s probably a good 20 to 30 per cent higher than last year.”

Interest was particularly strong for the yearlings, which are in short supply, he said. Most of that buying interest was coming from western feedlots looking to bring in more animals.

“Everyone is trying to find some yearlings and get them on feed,” said Masson.

Ste. Rose is starting a new program this year, listing cattle over the Internet through Online Ringman. Order buyers from across the country and the U.S. will be able to make bids in real-time, effectively increasing the competition for the cattle at the weekly sales.


Note:AllpricesinCanadian dollarsperhundredweight (cwt).Thesepricesalsogenerally representthetopone-third ofsalesreportedbythe auctionyard.

Ashern Livestock Mart: Closed for summer. Sales to resume Aug. 24.

Gladstone Auction Mart: First sale of season to be held Aug. 23.

Grunthal Livestock Auction Mart:Summer schedule in place. No sales until September.

Heartland Livestock Services, Brandon:A total of 249 cattle were on offer in Brandon at the Aug. 16 sale. In the slaughter market, D1-D2 cows fetched $67-$74.75; D3 cows, $60-$66; shelly cows, $50-$60; and good bulls, $78- $82.

Feeder steers weighing over 1,000 lbs. ranged from $100 to $110.75; 900-1,000 lbs., $110-$120.75; 800-900 lbs., $118-$128.75; 700-800 lbs., $125-$136; 600-700 lbs., $130- $142.50; 500-600 lbs., $130- $143; and 400-500 lbs., $135- $146.50.

Feeder heifers weighing 900- 1,000 lbs. brought $98-$103.25; 800-900 lbs., $102-$115.75; 700-800 lbs., $110-$119.50; 600-700 lbs., $115-$130.75; 500-600 lbs., $120-$132.75; and 400-500 lbs., $125-$138.

Heartland Livestock Services, Virden:Prices unavailable for Aug. 17 sale.

Killarney Auction Mart:No auction during the week. Sales to resume Aug. 22.

Ste. Rose Auction Mart:A total of 218 cattle were sold at the first sale of the season, Aug. 18. In the slaughter market, D1 and D2 cows ranged from $60 to $69; D3-D4 cows, $50-$62; canners, $35-$51; slaughter bulls, $80-$88; and medium bulls, $70-$79.

Feeder steers weighing 700-800 lbs. brought $115- $128; 600-700 lbs., $120-$132; and 500-600 lbs., $125-$136. Feeder heifers weighing 700- 800 lbs. traded from $108 to $117; 600-700 lbs., $110- $122.50; and 500-600 lbs., $110-$119.50.

Taylor Auctions, Melita: Roughly 90 head of cattle were sold at the Aug. 18 sale. Bulls brought $86, cows $60-$70 and some fat cattle $99.75. There weren’t enough feeder cattle on offer to call the market.

Winnipeg Livestock Sales: There were about 128 cattle sold at the sale held on Aug. 19. In the slaughter market, dry fed cows ranged from $63 to $65; good fleshed, $58-$63; lean, $50-$58; age verified, $54-$68; and good bulls, $78- $84.

Feeder prices were highly variable, with strong demand for good-quality animals, but discounts on the plainer feeders.


– Myles Masson, Ste. Rose Auction Mart

Everyoneistryingtofindsome yearlingsandgetthemonfeed.”



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