New Animal Health Degree Offered

The University of Alberta is offering a new degree program designed to provide students an opportunity to enter a variety of careers in animal health.

Traditionally dominated by veterinary medicine, careers related to animal health and services are opening up in new directions, and the university’s new bachelor of science in animal health is designed to meet that demand.

The first classes began this fall, with a strong beginning enrolment of 77 students, said Craig Wilkinson, chair of the program in the faculty of agricultural, life and environmental sciences.

“This degree gives students a strong foundation to pursue careers that go beyond the field of veterinary medicine and touch on every aspect of animal health, from livestock production regulation to food safety programs, to pet food supply and service industries like training and boarding programs.” For students who are pursuing veterinary medicine, the degree lets them complete courses required for application to Western Canada’s two vet schools in Calgary and Saskatoon, Wilkinson added.

Disease Ravages Bighorns

Scientists have confirmed domestic sheep are responsible for pneumonia outbreaks that are claiming the famous Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep by the hundreds.

Since winter, nine disease outbreaks across five western U. S. states have claimed nearly 1,000 bighorns, prized as a game animal.

Putting the blame on domestic sheep has heightened a furious debate between advocates of the wild bighorns and sheep ranchers.



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