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MCPA Becomes Manitoba Beef Producers

The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association is undergoing a makeover to improve its image.

At the annual general meeting last week, it unveiled a new logo, a rebranding campaign, and a name change.

Henceforth, the organization will be known as the Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP).

The old logo, which was a lariat spelling out the letters MCPA, will now feature the outline of a calf against a gold background with purple and green swooshes.

The new slogan will be “my farm, your family, our future,” with the tagline “We all benefit.”

“Those three things accentuate exactly what we are looking for,” said president Major Jay Fox. “It gives ownership to the producer with ‘my farm,’ it gives ownership to Manitobans with ‘your family,’ and it gives ownership once again to the entire province with ‘our future.’”

Throughout the coming year, MBP will launch parts of its new rebranding campaign through a range of advertisements, with the goal of increasing public awareness of the organization and the beef industry’s positive contribution to society, especially with regard to the environment, said Fox.

“The environmental good that producers do, and the stewardship of our land, the value of having those cattle on the land is unheard of,” he added.

“We’ve said that time and time again. But it’s time now to show the urban population this is why it matters, and why it’s good to see cattle producers out there doing a good job.”

The new brand and the brainstorming meetings to come up with it, cost roughly $50,000 over and above the annual communications budget, he added.

Audrey Treichel, communications manager for the new MBP, said that the yellow background of the logo represents the Prairie sun, environmental sustainability, the industry’s contribution as an economic engine for the province, and its vital role on the rural landscape.

The graphic landscape swooshes signify the industry’s stewardship contributions to preserving the land and water, she added.

The outline of the calf, said Treichel, represents husbandry, food safety, product quality and social responsibility. [email protected]

BEEFED UP:The group formerly known as the MCPA’s new logo.

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